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Spreekt u “dog Dutch”?

dutchdogThree British police officers have been forced to learn Dutch – because three dogs they have recruited do not respond to English. Police officers in Bristol have had to learn to speak Dutch after police dogs imported from Holland failed to understand English commands.Three Avon and Somerset officers travelled to Holland to select the dogs, after struggling to find good quality animals in the UK. But there was a communication problem so dog handlers at the force's dog section in Bower Ashton, Bristol have had to adapt. The handlers which look after the Dutch dogs – two German Shepherds and a Malinoi – are now able to fluently speak the Dutch commands. The canines had already been trained as police dogs in their homeland.

Sergeant Hardy Hussain said: "The recruitment of The Professor, Amigo and Dutch goes to show that we will go to any length to ensure we take on dogs that are of the highest calibre."

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