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Students on a summer criminology course in Florida were shocked to discover a real corpse at a fake crime scene. The body of a man was found during a field trip by a group of high school students from Fort Lauderdale, reports the Sun-Sentinel.

For more than 20 years, course tutor Sue Messenger had planted cardboard skeletons pocked with bullet holes, fake knives and other evidence at mock crime scenes.

"I think they kind of went into shock and disbelief, but also, you have to say it's completely bizarre," she said.

"It was a good crash course," said Juan Cantor, 15, who signed up for the 13-day class because it sounded like fun. But he added: "I don't really think I could take finding any more dead bodies…"

Police later identified the body as that of a 45-year-old homeless man. An autopsy is still to be held but police do not suspect foul play.


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