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Robot device mimics human touch

A device which may pave the way for robotic hands that can replicate the human sense of touch has been unveiled. US scientists have created a sensor that can "feel" the texture of objects to the same degree of sensitivity as a human fingertip. The team says the tactile sensor could, in the future, aid minimally invasive surgical techniques by giving surgeons a "touch-sensation". The research is reported in the journal Science.

"If you look at the current status of these tactile sensors, the frustration has been that the resolution of all these devices is in the range of millimetres," explained Professor Ravi Saraf, an engineer from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, US, and a co-author of the paper. "Whereas the resolution of a human fingertip is about 40 microns, about half the diameter of a human hair, and this has affected the performance of these devices."


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Well, it sounded like a good excuse at the time

Police confiscated the car and driver's license of a Dutchman caught speeding who said he only wanted to dry his car after he had washed it. The 27-year-old was stopped in Amsterdam driving at 68 mph, 30+ mph over the speed limit, police said.

"Because he did not have his driver's license with him, his clean car was confiscated until he produces it," a police spokeswoman said.

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Pennies Yuan from Heaven

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A woman caused a commotion in a Shanghai street after she dropped several thousand yuan from the window of her sixth-floor apartment, Shanghai Youth reported.

Passers-by were stunned to see the money floating to the ground. An elderly man took advantage of the unexpected windfall, grabbing several hundred yuan before walking away with a big smile on his face. And some other people started shaking a tree furiously after finding a number of banknotes had become lodged in it.

Local police are investigating the case. It is believed that the woman threw the cash out of the window during a row with a relative.

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Being a Jack Russell, it probably ran down the cliff

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A Jack Russell terrier had a miraculous escape after chasing a rabbit over a 450ft cliff. Owner Martin Coombes saw six-year-old Russett fly over the edge after the rabbit did a U-turn at the edge, says the Sun.

A coastguard spotted the dog's motionless body though binoculars, on the rocks below Tennyson Down, at Freshwater, Isle of Wight. But despite [the fall], Russett merely had concussion, a cut lip and a bruised paw.

Martin, 51, said: "When the radio message came back that he was OK I couldn't believe it.

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