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‘Mummy’ Accused of Robbing Mississippi Bank

Jackson [Mississippi] police have not said whether a suspect arrested Friday on firearms charges is the man who wore bandages like a mummy when he walked into a bank, jumped the counter, stuffed his clothes with money and escaped on foot.

Montaries Brooks, 26, of Jackson, was being questioned Friday night regarding the robbery and was charged as a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He was being held Saturday in the Hinds County Detention Center.

Police arrested Brooks shortly before noon Friday at an apartment, where a SWAT team had converged shortly after the bank robbery. Sgt. Joseph Wade said the robber walked into the Trustmark Bank on Terry Road, wearing bandages about 10 a.m.

“He was fully bandaged,” Wade said, including his face and arms. “The only things they could see were his eyes and lips. He asked a teller for help, then jumped over the counter and began taking money out of the drawer,” Wade said.

The robber, who Wade said never showed a weapon, stuffed the money into his clothes and ran.

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Hurricane warning issued for Alberto



Officials issued a hurricane warning for part of Florida's Gulf Coast on Monday as Tropical Storm Alberto, the first named storm of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season, quickly gained strength in the Gulf of Mexico.

The warning, extending about 200 miles from Longboat Key near Sarasota to the Ochlockonee River south of Tallahassee, meant Alberto was expected to produce hurricane conditions within the next 24 hours.

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Probably Ran Out of Crackers

A parrot stopped a plane from taking off when she escaped from her box and began nibbling passengers.

parrotcolor.jpgPolly the parrot managed to free herself while perched on her owner's lap as the plane taxied for take-off. She started circling passengers' heads and nipping their shoulders, reports the Sun.

Travellers on the trip from Alderney to Southampton shouted at the pilot to brake. And the Aurigny Air Services flight was delayed ten minutes as crew emptied the cabin, scooped up the grey and white parrot and put her back in her box.

Duty officer Steve Roberts confirmed: "There was a bit of a problem with Polly. It was a bit of unscripted in-flight entertainment and it was ironic that the plane in use was called Joey. We deal with all sorts of things here."

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Nobody said you had to actually be a child

A 70-year-old pensioner won a drawing competition for children by entering a picture she had drawn 60 years earlier. The German competition was designed to promote Disney's Bambi sequel and was supposedly only open to children.

But when judges saw Eva Schikeneder's 1946 black and white sketch of a fawn, drawn in pencil because colour crayons were in short supply, they decided to accept it.

Mrs Schikeneder, from Wuerzburg, who drew her picture after the release of the original Bambi, said: "I was 10 when I drew it so it is a children's picture. The judges said both me and a little girl could win together. We both got free tickets to take four friends to see the movie. I loved the first one so I can't wait."


I would have put up an image of Bambi to go with this but that would be depriving Disney of income and infringeing on their copyrights. Wouldn't want to be responsible for the demise of the Disney Empire. 

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Maybe They Can Share a Cell Now.


A Russian prisoner swapped clothes with his identical twin brother, who is also his lawyer, and walked out of jail.

The jailbreak happened when guards left former policeman Valerii Voblikov, on trial for running a criminal gang, alone in his cell with his lawyer brother. The pair swapped clothes and ID cards before Valerii calmly walked out the front door and got into a waiting car.

His twin brother, who is yet to be fully named, has now been charged with assisting a jailbreak.

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What do you mean I’m dead?! It’s World Cup time!



A 94-year-old declared dead suddenly sprang up and asked when Germany were next playing in the World Cup.

When told she had been declared dead by doctors, Maria Mueller replied: "Not likely, not until I see if Germany wins the World Cup.

"There's still life in these old bones yet, and I certainly couldn't miss the football."

Mrs Mueller had been found slumped over in her chair by son Bernhard Mueller, 66, at their home in Luegde. Neither Bernhard nor a local doctor could find a pulse.

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“Administered” a Bockwurst?


German police have arrested a man on suspicion of murdering a woman with a sausage. Prosecutors and police said the 50-year-old was arrested after the woman's body was discovered in an apartment in Zwickau, eastern Germany. They said she had choked on a Bockwurst, a popular large German sausage.

The prosecutors said the man had given a patchy account of events, acknowledging that he may have "administered" a Bockwurst to the woman. They are now working to establish exactly what happened in the run up to her death.

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Candidates Suck Up to Bloggers.

If any more proof were needed of the rising influence of bloggers — at least for the Democratic Party — it could be found here on Friday on the Las Vegas Strip, where the old and new worlds of American politics engaged in a slightly awkward if mostly entertaining clash of a meeting. Skip to next paragraph
Potential presidential candidates, campaign representatives and Washington reporters were in abundance…at the YearlyKos 2006 Convention, a three-day gathering of bloggers in Las Vegas. Enlarge this Image Rick Scibelli Jr. for The New York Times

The crowd attracted to the convention demonstrated that blogging has become a way for candidates to organize and communicate with voters.

There were the bloggers — nearly a thousand of them, many of them familiar names by now — emerging from the shadows of their computers for a three-day blur of workshops, panels and speeches about politics, the power of the Internet and the shortcomings of the Washington media. And right behind them was a parade of prospective Democratic presidential candidates and party leaders, their presence a tribute to just how much the often rowdy voices of the Web have been absorbed into the very political process they frequently disdain, much to the amazement, and perhaps discomfort, of some of the bloggers themselves.

"I see you guys as agents of advocacy — that's why I'm here," said Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, a Democrat and a prospective 2008 presidential candidate, who flew here at the last minute to attend the YearlyKos 2006 Convention. Bloggers, Mr. Richardson said later, "are a major voice in American politics."

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Police mistake rugby match for brawl—No Surprise There.

Police mistake rugby match for brawl – The Other Side – Breaking News 24/7 – NEWS.com.au
RUSSIANS playing a game of amateur rugby have been arrested by police who mistook the match for a mass brawl.
"We got a call to our control room saying there was a fight involving a lot of people on some waste ground just outside town," RIA news agency quoted a police official in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don as saying.

The players and supporters – nearly 100 people in total – were taken to the local police station. They were released without charge when officers realised they had been playing rugby, the news agency reported.

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