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19 miles a day – backwards

A Brazilian pensioner claims he runs 19 miles everyday – backwards. Ary Brasil, 68, from Joacaba, has been running since he was 16 but only started going backwards five years ago.

He told UOL Noticias Populares: "It's been nine years since I last had a cold and I don't even remember the last time I went to the doctor. I used to feel a lot of pain in my back and legs, and then I found out that by running backwards I felt less out of breath and my muscles got stronger. People used to mock me in the streets but now they applaud me when pass."

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Man water-skis behind cruise liner

waterskier.jpg A German man water-skied behind a cruise liner to win a bet. The stunt was recorded by a German TV show after a viewer wrote in disputing an earlier claim on the show that it would be theoretically possible to water-ski behind an ocean-going cruise ship. Reporter Dirk Gion, 40, took up the challenge "to prove it could be done".

He was brought up to the correct velocity by a speedboat and then switched over to a line pulled by the 575 foot cruiser MS Deutschland. Mr Gion managed to stay afloat behind the vessel as it travelled at 17 knots for over five minutes.

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Don’t Mess With Minnie Mini Mice

 A tiny mouse the size of a human toe cut electric power to more than 40 percent of Phnom Penh, Cambodian officials said on Tuesday. The mouse managed to short circuit a 40-megawatt power plant south of the city, said Chea Sun Hel, director of the power company’s distribution department .

“The mouse was as big as a human toe, but it created a big problem,” he told Reuters.

Phnom Penh’s 1.3 million residents often suffer power cuts the government blames on technical problems.


Like mice?

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Ugliest Sheep Sought

Australian researchers have launched a search for the country’s ugliest sheep — no matter how wrinkled, lumpy, bald or just plain funny looking — to try to identify genes that produce high quality wool.

“When something goes really wrong with the genes, it is the most powerful indicator about where to look to identify the genes that can — paradoxically — make things go really right,” said Paul Hynd, a researcher from the University of Adelaide, which launched the study with the South Australian Research and Development Institute this week.

Australia’s merino wool industry is worth about 2.8 billion Australian dollars (US$2.1 billion) each year. Scientists hope to use the study to produce higher quality wool to compete with increasingly popular synthetic fibers.

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They Might Have Been Better Guards If They Weren’t Caged.

Police raided a huge marijuana plantation in northwestern Bosnia and found it guarded by a family of wolves and 150 dogs, Bosnian media said Saturday.

They seized 2,300 plants intended for the production of at least 800 kg (1,760 lb) of the drug, as well as hunting guns and rifles Friday, the Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA quoted regional Interior Minister Stanislav Cadjo as saying.

The dogs, and a pair of wolves with their cubs, were kept in cages, Srna reported.

Police arrested the estate owner Zeljko Grbic and are still searching for his brother Radovan, who is wanted on charges of murder and robbery.

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I’d Just Like to See Him Ride a Bicycle

A 440 pound German man discovered that being overweight can be good for your health — if you get run over by a car. German police said the extra body mass prevented the 30-year-old man from suffering potentially fatal injuries when a Volkswagen Polo drove over him after he braked suddenly on his bicycle at a crossroads and fell off in front of the car.

"It certainly helped him in this case," said Sven-Marco Claus, a spokesman for police in the western town of Gifhorn on Monday. "Someone smaller would probably not have been so lucky."

The man dislocated his hip, which local doctors put back in place, but otherwise suffered only scratches and a bloody nose from the underside of the vehicle, police said.

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