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$1.7 million ‘lemon’

mercedeslemon.jpg THE US owner of an exotic, 12-cylinder Mercedes has sued its maker for a $US1.7 million  refund on "the world's most expensive lemon". Mark Johnston bought the Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK-GTR roadster, one of only five produced and the one in North America, for $2.31 million in 2003.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the car as the most expensive production vehicle ever.

"The car turned out to be exotic in the worst possible way," said Mr Johnston, a former Ferrari mechanic. "It just doesn't run."

The 6.9 litre, 12 cylinder engine can shoot the car from 0 to 200km/h in 9.9 seconds, with a top speed of 320km/h. In theory. But this car could not even make it ten blocks, said Mr Johnston.

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Patient ‘lost’ for three days in lift

A hospital patient was trapped for more than three days in a broken lift after sneaking away from his bed for a cigarette.

Relatives, hospital staff and police searched for days after wheelchair-bound Karlheinz Schmidt, 68, went missing from the Charite Hospital in Berlin. It was only when technicians were finally called out to fix a broken lift that the severely dehydrated man was found – 80 hours after first getting into the lift.

Schmidt, himself a retired elevator technician who was left disabled following an industrial accident 16 years ago, said: "I left the ward to go outside for a cigarette but the lift just stopped. I didn't have any water and it was really hot and sticky. The only thing I had to eat was a couple of biscuits that were in my pocket. I didn't think I was going to get out of there alive."

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Diet Water? Is that low carb?


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Internet Explorer Strikes Again.

This blog, done on a WordPress template, looks really strange on some displays when using Internet Explorer. IE has its' own peculiar set of rules for displaying web pages and frequently distorts the appearance of a page. I urge you to install Firefox on your computer and see what Oldster's View is supposed to look like, not what Microsoft wants to make it look like. As Firefox says: Rediscover the web.

Link to Firefox download.

 UPDATE:  Father Dale has tipped me that IE renders this page the same on his machine. Anybody else notice the distortion? If you have, please let me know and include the monitor type and model. Thanks.

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What you might call “large format” photography

Walk into the massive air hangar and the first thing you notice is an oppressive darkness broken only by a tiny beam of light from a gumball-sized hole in the wall. Then, slowly, an upside-down image emerges on the opposite wall that is startling in its clarity — a dilapidated air traffic control tower, an overgrown runway and palm trees clustered amid rolling hills.

Once home to roaring fighter jets, this decommissioned Marine Corps hangar is now the world’s largest camera poised to take the world’s largest picture. If all goes well, within days the hangar-turned-camera will record a panoramic image of what’s on the other side of the door using the centuries-old principle of “camera obscura.”

An image of the former El Toro Marine Air Corps Station will appear upside down and flipped left-to-right on a sheath of light-sensitive fabric after being projected through the tiny hole in the hangar’s metal door. The fabric is the length of one-third of a football field and about 3 stories tall.

The Guinness Book of World Records has created two new categories for the project — world’s largest camera and world’s largest photograph — and will certify the records once the photo is complete.

This post also appears on TechNudge

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Advice on crime career: Don’t mess with “The Kid”

A 12-year-old boy fought off a masked mugger and left him with a suspected broken nose.

Police said the schoolboy fought back when the thug jumped out from behind a bush and demanded his mobile phone. The mugger thought he had found an easy target when he spotted the youngster walking alone along a Bristol street. But the unruffled boy stood up to the robber, who quickly realised he might have met his match.

The junior crime fighter is believed to have punched the 5ft 10ins man in the face during the ensuing scuffle – prompting the criminal to flee to his car, before driving off.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said: "The boy said he was bleeding and heard the man's nose crack, so there's a good chance he broke it. We don't know how old the offender is, but he drove off in a car so presumably he must be at least 17".

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Probably had that desperate criminal look about him

A 98-year-old bus passenger had to pay full fare – because the driver refused to believe he was a pensioner. Jack Holland, who has two sticks to help him walk, had lost his OAP free pass, reports the Sun.

Jack, who was returning home from a shopping trip, said: "I just said: "I lost my bus pass". The driver said: "You'll have to pay full fare"." He then asked if the bus driver would take his details. Jack, of Halifax, West Yorkshire, said: "He said: "I haven't got the time, I want £1.90"."

A First Bus spokesman apologised and added: "We would have expected our driver to use common sense.

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truthfulsign_180x212.jpgYou're going to notice changes in the appearance of Oldster's View from time to time here as I play with the look of the page. Got to get it just right, you know! So please bear with me while this is going on.

And thanks to all of you that have made the move to WordPress with me.

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