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Remember to Hold Your Breath while you sleep

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Vampire bats, the only mammals to feed exclusively on blood, including human blood, recognize their prey by the sound of its breathing. In a study published in the open access journal BMC Biology, vampire bats of the species Desmodus rotondus could recognise recorded human breathing sounds much better than human participants could.

Vampire bats feed on the same prey over several nights and the authors of the study propose that the bats use breathing sounds to identify their prey in the same way as humans use voice to recognise each other.

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Man leads archaeologists to frescoed tomb

A suspected tomb raider turned police informant [in Italy] has led archaeologists to what experts described Friday as the oldest known frescoed burial chamber in Europe. The tomb, located on a hilly wheat field north of Rome, belonged to a warrior prince from the nearby Etruscan town of Veio, according to archaeologists who took journalists on a tour of the site. Dating from around 690 B.C., the underground burial chamber is decorated with roaring lions and migratory birds.

"This princely tomb is unique and it marks the origin of Western painting," said Culture Minister Francesco Rutelli, referring to the ancient art of burial painting.


"the origin of Western painting"—Maybe, but it looks pretty sophisticated for a first try.

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‘Turbocharged’ camera snaps neighbouring galaxy


A new image reveals swirls of stars and dust gracing the Triangulum galaxy. The picture is one of the first taken with a new camera called Megacam on the 6.5-metre MMT Observatory near Tucson, Arizona, US.

The Triangulum galaxy, also known as M33, lies about 2.4 million light years from Earth and is a member of the "Local Group" of galaxies that includes the Milky Way. But it is about 10 times less massive than our galaxy

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When Tortoises Run Away—Well, Maybe Not Run, Exactly

A tortoise that "did a runner" after 55 years with the same partner has been found safe and well. Daisy was discovered after 12 days away and had made it almost a mile from her Devon home…The pet went missing after owner Jonathan Bradley let her and fellow tortoise Bert out to chew on some clover.

Daisy was found in the back garden of a farm in Combe Martin, Devon. To get there, she had scaled a steep hill and crossed a road and tractor trails. It was the first time the tortoise had been away from pal Bert since the early 1950s.

Jonathan, 55, who cares for the pair with wife Anne, 50, and daughter Albany, nine, said: "The lady who found her had seen the stories about her disappearance and called us straightaway. Now she's back Bert hasn't left her alone all day. And she clearly has a good memory, as she knew where she was back in the enclosure."

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This Flight Stinks!

A German man is suing an airline after being kicked off a flight for being too smelly. Werner Brechtfeld, 46, who had spent the day sightseeing in the hot Hawaiian sunshine, was asked to leave the plane in Honolulu when the person sitting next to him complained. The passenger told flight attendants that Mr Brechtfeld "stinks to high heaven".

A spokesman at the Duesseldorf court where Brechtfeld is suing for damages, said: "He was asked to change t-shirts but his bags had already been checked in. So the air hostesses said he would have to get off the flight as he was disturbing other passengers. He had to wait four hours for the next flight and missed his connection to Germany."

Brechtfeld is asking for about [$3000] in compensation for missing his flight back home to Dusseldorf, via LA.

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Bean Counters Admit Mistake??

[UK] Energy firm Powergen is to close its Indian call centres, with staff in the UK dealing with customers instead. It said the move would create 450 new jobs by the end of the year and reduce the number of customer complaints.

Powergen began using call centres in India five years ago citing, like many other businesses, the financial benefits it brought. But the firm said it was “not prepared to achieve savings at the risk or expense of customer satisfaction”.


Funny how that never entered into the initial decision to outsource. 

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Anti-pig Law Tossed Out


The City Council has voted to allow potbellied pigs within the [Colorado Springs] city limits in a 5-4 decision that came after a woman challenged a century-old swine ban in one of the state's biggest cities. Chrystal McEntee fought for the change after being ticketed when their pet pig got out of the yard. The family can now keep 16-year-old Piggy in their central Colorado Springs neighborhood.

"I'm going to go home and celebrate with my family," she said Tuesday.

The new ordinance allows just the potbellied variety of pigs. Pigs can't exceed 100 pounds, must be spayed or neutered at 4 months of age, must be on a leash and harness in public and will cost owners a $12 registration fee.

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Do Not Pass GO–Go Directly To Jail

A mother’s attempt to prevent her son’s arrest landed them both in jail.

A Hillsborough County [Florida] deputy said he tried to stop a Lincoln Town Car… about 7:20 p.m. Tuesday after [the driver] failed to use a turn signal and a computer check revealed his license was suspended.

T[he driver] stopped at 11739 N. 14th St., where he struggled with the deputy on the front porch and inside, a sheriff’s report states. [His mother] came to her son’s aid. She is accused of grabbing the deputy’s gun belt, scratching his right wrist and trying to stop him from using a police radio to call for backup, the report states. Mother and son eventually were arrested on felony charges, including battering a police officer and depriving an officer of protection.

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When Robbing A Bank Don’t Leave Your Birth Certificate Behind

Nobody ever said criminals are smart.

Police have made an arrest following a bank robbery in which officials said the robber left behind some incriminating evidence. The crime was captured on surveillance video., but police identified their suspect, Rodney Harper, 31, without the tape because of what investigators said fell out of his pocket during the holdup.

“He actually came to the bank to rob the bank with his birth certificate,” said Marion County sheriff’s Capt. Phil Burton. “He dropped a check cashing card as well as a bill from a phone showing he paid his phone bill.”

The video shows the identification falling out onto the floor when the man pulls out his gun.
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“One of the employees actually stepped on it so he didn’t realize what he dropped,” Burton said.

Police said Harper got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, but it was recovered, covered in dye, not far from the bank.

Harper called 911 on Tuesday as police surrounded his home.

“I’m wanting to turn myself in. The police are outside the house right now. I just wanted to let them know I don’t have any weapons. I just want to come out,” Harper told a 911 dispatcher.

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Starving student no longer starving

A starving student has walked out of his corner shop 100,000 pounds richer after spending the change from some cornflakes on a scratchcard.

On Sunday, Paul Thomas popped out of his student house in Pen-y-Wain Road, Cardiff, to buy some cereal and bought a National Lottery Scratchcard with the 1 pound change. The 24-year-old said he was too hungry to scratch off the numbers in the shop and waited until he got home.

Mr Thomas said: “I hadn’t gone out with the plan of buying a scratchcard – I just wanted some breakfast. It was a spur of the moment thing.  I was so hungry I didn’t bother scratching the card in the shop, I did it back at home while eating my cornflakes. When all the noughts came up, I just couldn’t believe my eyes.”

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