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Baby Tortoise


babyturtle.jpgA newborn Egyptian Tortoise sits on the finger of its keeper at Chester Zoo in north west England May 23, 2006. The zoo has hatched six of the Testudo Kleinmanni tortoises which are currently on the critically endangered list. 

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It’s Hard To Run With Your Trousers Around Your Ankles

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One sunny afternoon in January, Vicki Chandler, a 55-year-old underwriting associate at Cigna HealthCare in Chattanooga, Tenn., was walking to her car when a teenager in loose khaki pants approached her, pointed to her pocketbook and said, "I need that." As she recounts the incident, he snatched the purse and took off.

But then he ran into trouble. As he ran, his loose trousers slipped down below his hips. As he reached down to hold them up, the teen was forced to throw the purse aside.

"That boy, he could run fast but he got caught up by his pants, which were real big and baggy," says Ms. Chandler, whose purse was retrieved by a parking attendant who had heard her cries for help.
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It's a problem for perpetrators. Young men and teens wearing low-slung, baggy pants fairly regularly get tripped up in their getaways, a development that has given amused police officers and law-abiding citizens a welcome edge in the fight against crime.


More stories at the link. 

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You Wouldn’t Believe His Leg Muscles


A man who smuggled an estimated half ton of $2 coins out of the Royal Australian Mint concealed in his boots and lunchbox has been jailed for three years. William Grzeskowiac, 48, of Monash, was described by an ACT Supreme Court judge as a man of previous good character who had succumbed to the temptation to steal from his employer. Justice Terry Connolly imposed a non-parole period of 18 months and ordered that Grzeskowiac repay $4,000.

The court heard police recovered a total of $135,852 in coins and notes which Grzeskowiac admitted stealing from the mint over a 10-month period.

Justice Connolly criticised Mint security, saying it was extraordinary its systems had failed to detect someone walking out every day with up to 150 coins in each boot.

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“Who wants free money?”


Police have appealed to people to return thousands of pounds which was thrown into the air on a pedestrian crossing in Aberystwyth.

Passers-by and motorists rushed to pick up around £5,000 in cash on Monday, seconds after a man was heard to shout: "Who wants free money?"

Urging people to hand in the cash, Dyfed-Powys Police said inquiries were continuing to establish its source.

After the incident, police arrested a 40-year-old man for driving offences. Chief Inspector Huw Meredith, based in Aberystwyth, said the man was thought to have thrown away about £5,000, although police said on Tuesday that a proportion had been handed in.

"Inquiries are continuing to establish where the money came from," said Chief Insp Meredith.

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Has your water been tasting funny lately?


Five Brushy Creek [Texas] Municipal Utility District employees have been fired after a recent after-hours celebration that included drinking on district property, a parking lot fire and some workers stripping to their underwear to swim in a district retention pond.

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‘UFO Hacker’ Interview

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The search for proof of the existence of UFOs landed Gary McKinnon in a world of trouble.

After allegedly hacking into NASA websites — where he says he found images of what looked like extraterrestrial spaceships — the 40-year-old Briton faces extradition to the United States from his North London home. If convicted, McKinnon could receive a 70-year prison term and up to $2 million in fines.

Final paperwork in the case is due this week, after which the British home secretary will rule on the extradition request.

McKinnon, whose extensive search through U.S. computer networks was allegedly conducted between February 2001 and March 2002, picked a particularly poor time to expose U.S. national security failings in light of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

McKinnon tells what he found and discusses the motivation behind his online adventures in this exclusive phone interview with Wired News.


Wonder how he knew what "extraterrestrial spaceships" look like?

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Today’s Dumb Crook

A 21-year-old Georgia man was arrested after trying to buy drinks with a checkbook he found at a bar. Unfortunately for [him], the checkbook's owner was the bartender serving him.

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Your Tax Dollars At Work


It's creamy, it's sweet and it's become a staple of lunch boxes for generations of New England school children. Now, the beloved Fluffernutter sandwich — the irresistible combination of Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter, preferably on white bread with a glass of milk handy — finds itself at the center of a sticky political debate.

Sen. Jarrett Barrios was outraged that his son Nathaniel, a third-grader, was given a Fluffernutter sandwich at the King Open School in Cambridge. He said he plans to file legislation that would ban schools from offering the local delicacy more than once a week as the main meal of the day.

The Democrat said that his amendment to a bill on junk food in schools may seem "a little silly" — but that school nutrition is serious.

His proposal seemed anything but silly to Rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein, a Democrat whose district in Revere is near the company that has produced the marshmallow concoction for more than 80 years, Durkee-Mower Inc.

She responded with a proposal to designate the Fluffernutter the "official sandwich of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

"I'm going to fight to the death for Fluff," Reinstein said.


Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy to see your elected representatives using their time in Washington for such lofty legislation? This guy would make make a great running mate for Hillary. He could see to it that no Fluffernutter sandwich ever darkened her village while it was busy raising your children. (In case you didn't catch it—that's sarcasm, folks.)

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Good Start To Dumb Crook Career


A juvenile in Portsmouth [Ohio] is accused of stealing two vehicles from the driveway of a judge, the State Highway Patrol said.

When a trooper stopped the 17-year-old boy for a traffic violation around 4:30 a.m. Monday, the officer recognized the personalized license plate on the 1995 Chevrolet Suburban SUV and called Common Pleas Court Judge Howard H. Harcha III, said Lt. Mike Crispen at the Portsmouth patrol post.

At first, the judge said the vehicle was parked outside his home in this southern Ohio town, but he checked and discovered that the Suburban and his 2005 Toyota Camry were missing, Crispen said.

Both vehicles have been recovered. Charges are expected, Crispen said.

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Monkey Man: Climbs trees, Cures Disease—Yeah, Right


Thousands of people are flocking to an impoverished Indian village in eastern West Bengal state to worship a man they believe possesses divine powers because he climbs up trees in seconds, gobbles up bananas and has a "tail."

Devotees say 27-year-old villager Chandre Oraon is an incarnation of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman — worshipped by millions as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion.

"He climbs up trees, behaves like a monkey and is a strict vegetarian, but he is no god and his condition is just a congenital defect," says Bhushan Chakraborty, the local medical officer.

Spoil sport.

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