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A Wisconsin man has received an unexpected message from a deceased friend — in a bottle floating in a lake.

Steve Lieder was chatting with friends near White Lake when he looked down and saw a bottle. They broke it open and found a note. Lieder was amazed to find it was written eleven years ago by one of his closest friends, who died last year.

Joshua Baker was ten years old when he wrote the message for a school project, stuck it in a bottle and tossed it in the lake. The note reads: "My name is Josh Baker. I am 10. If you find this, put it on the news. The date is 4/16/95."

Baker died last year in a traffic accident in California. His mother says he had recently returned home after serving in the Marines in the Middle East. She plans to display the note in her home.

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Mom? Is that you?


An adopted Iowa woman who tracked down her biological mum was shocked to find they had worked together.

Michelle Wetzell discovered her real mother was Cathy Henzen – her ex-colleague at a beauty salon in Davenport.

“There she was, the whole time,” Miss Wetzell told the Quad-City Times.

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You can’t make this stuff up


A bride's dress was so big it got stuck in the church door. Carly O'Brien's 25 stone [300 pounds or so?] dress was 8ft wide and cost £25,000.

It took twenty people an hour and a half to push 16-year-old Carly through the church door and up the aisle followed by her 60ft long train.

The 30-layer dress, covered with 3,000 Swarovski crystals, diamond head-dress and train meant dad Frank, 40, had to walk in front as there was no room alongside.

Carly, who spent nine and a half hours getting into the dress, was so exhausted when she got to the altar in Gloucester that the groom, Michael Coffey, 17, and 14 relatives carried her out.

Sister Crystal, 20, said: "Carly wanted her day bigger than Jordan's. She got it.

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And it’s more comfy than wood when you’re face down


A Leicestershire pub landlord has turned the inside of his pub into a grass football pitch for the World Cup. James Banbury reckons the Old Swan in Kibworth is now the perfect place to watch games, reports the Leicester Mercury.

He turfed one of the bars, painted pitch markings on the grass, and turned the fireplace into a goal, with chalk-drawn goalposts and crossbar.

It all started with a joke bet Mr Banbury made with regulars while watching England play Trinidad and Tobago. He said: "The match was nil-nil and there was some banter among some of the lads who felt England would not get through to the next round. I told them I would turf the bar if England made it through and, after we won, I had to go ahead with it. Everyone who has walked in and seen the grass has burst out laughing. I'm really impressed with how it's fitted in and I reckon if I sprinkle some water on it, I can get it to grow."

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