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Honest, officer. I only swished, didn’t inhale swallow.


A Polish former MP has escaped a drink driving ban after telling cops he had only been using vodka as mouth wash.

Grzegorz Gruszka was arrested after being pulled over by police in a routine check and failing a breath test. He was acquitted after he told prosecutors he had not actually swallowed any alcohol, and had only rinsed his mouth with “jogobelka” – a popular local mixture of vodka and mustard.’t

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India is an interesting place.


Bandits in India are using trained pigeons to prey on truckers who are convinced that those lights floating around are ghosts and abandoning their trucks to flee. These bandits in Bengal, Orissa and Bihar then loot the trucks. Thirteen to fourteen gangs are releasing black pigeons with battery powered red lights attached to them along national higways. Drivers, who often are both inebriated and superstitious, flee and the bandits move in. Why don’t they flee in the trucks? Beats me. A suspicious mind might think they were in on the looting.

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