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Judge waives fine for slow 82-year-old

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82yroldcoylekcal.jpgAn 82-year-old [Los Angeles] woman who was given a jaywalking ticket for taking too long to cross a busy street won’t have to pay the $114 fine.

Mayvis Coyle had become something of a sensation after her case was publicized in April. Senior citizen advocates were outraged at her treatment. News camera crews showed up at her door unannounced. Last week, however, Coyle received a mailed notice that a court commissioner had found her guilty of jaywalking but suspended the fine.

“It sounds like a compromise, like they’re trying to save face,” Coyle’s son, Jim Coyle, told the Los Angeles Daily News, which first reported the ticketing. “We’re grateful for everyone’s support.”

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UK Paranoia widespread


paranoia.jpgOne in three people in the UK regularly suffers paranoid or suspicious fears, clinical psychologists have found. A team at the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London interviewed 1,200 people about whether they had thoughts about others doing them harm. They found levels of paranoia were much higher than previously suspected – and almost as high as those for depression and anxiety…

The study found that:

Over 40% of people regularly worry that negative comments are being made about them

27% think that people deliberately try to irritate them

20% worry about being observed or followed

10% think that someone has it in for them

5% worry that there is a conspiracy to harm them

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‘Stink lake’ —not a destination resort, exactly.


LaBonte Lake,  near Laramie, Wyoming, often referred to by locals as “stink lake,” is living up to its nickname this year, in part because of drought conditions.

Water levels have dropped 1 1/2 to 2 feet below normal this year, and the shoreline has receded 25 to 30 feet, because of a lack of spring precipitation, said Laramie Parks and Recreation Director Paul Harrison.

The receding water has left behind an organic goo that’s ripening in the summer heat, causing the stagnant lake to smell even worse than usual.

LaBonte Lake sits atop a natural spring and also collects storm water drainage, but there’s little movement in the lake. It also sits on the site of a former city dump, which may contribute to the foul odor in the area.

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“I shot a bullet into the air—It fell to Earth I know not where—OOPS! There it is.”


ISTANBUL, Turkey – Chaos broke out at a shoe sale in Turkey this week, and one person got shot in the foot, a news agency reported.

The incident Friday occurred in Karabuk, a city about 125 miles north of Ankara, after people overloaded a two-story retailer that was selling pairs of shoes for as little as $6, the state-owned Anatolia news agency reported. When customers rebelled against orders to close the store because of overcrowding and started to fight with one another and with salespeople, a store employee shot his gun into the air, Anatolia said. The bullet struck the foot of a customer, who was taken to a hospital, while the shooter was taken into police custody, the agency reported.

Shooting guns into the air is a not-uncommon method for dealing with emotional situations in Turkey, including weddings, soccer games, demonstrations and deals on shoes that are almost too good to be true.

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A woman claims she has a ghost in her TV discovered by her 18-month-old. Tracey Taylor took a photo of her daughter Faith as she was dusting the TV. When she got the photos developed she spotted a mysterious face on the TV screen.

She insists the TV was off and there was no one else in the room reports The Sun. When she showed the photo to Faith she exclaimed: “Thats Ben.”

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