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Wee (wee) problem at Wembley Stadium


urinals.jpg The new Wembley Stadium had to send back hundreds of urinals – because the maker’s name was on them. Manufacturer Armitage Shanks had supplied the urinals with its name on the front of them, reports the Mirror. But this is against Wembley Stadium’s strict non-advertising rules – introduced at the request of official sponsors. The embarrassing error only came to light after the toilets had arrived to be fitted at the giant complex.

There are 2,618 toilets and urinals inside the stadium – more than any other building in the world.

One worker told the Mirror: “Just when things seemed to be running smoothly, we were told the urinals were the wrong kind and had to go back. When the bosses told us it was because there was advertising on them, we thought they were joking.”

A Wembley spokesman said: “There is no blame to be apportioned. It was an error in the process and did not result in any extra costs.”

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