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otter.jpg It’s the perfect day for a swim at Sugar Pine Reservoir, but today, the leisure comes with a risk.

“In two days’ time, two people were attacked by river otters,” said Marilyn LeDoux.

Both victims were bit and scratched at a popular campground. While it’s unusual for these cute critters to go on the attack, fish and game wardens say it’s not unheard of.

The LeDouxs thought twice before letting their grand kids take a dip today, but decided to go ahead.

“We’re keeping a real close eye being able to see them,” said Marilyn

Rumors now swirl the campground that the victims may have tried to touch the otter — a big mistake.

“It didn’t surprise me, a mom defending her cubs,” said Marilyn

But fish and game wardens aren’t sure what provoked the animals. So for now, swimmers do so at their own risk.

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