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Hot dog roaster for your next big party

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Did you know Genghis Khan invented the Renaissance?


khan_genghiz3.gifGenghis Khan — notorious as the ruthless, bloodthirsty creator of an empire that spanned Asia and Europe — also laid the foundations for the Renaissance, China’s Xinhua news agency said on Thursday.

“Genghis Khan introduced papermaking and printing technologies to Europe and pioneered cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe,” it quoted Zhu Yaoting, a specialist on Mongolian history at Beijing Union University, as saying.

“He brought cultural progress that helped liberate the Europeans from the bondage of theology — in this sense, his expeditions served as a catalyst for the Renaissance,” he said.

And all this time you thought he was just engaging in bloodbaths and looting . Shame on you.

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New meaning for “photo-op”


A Croatian currency exchange was cleared of cash when a cashier left to take photos of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. Employee Mirna Ivanovic ran out of the currency exchange office in Dubrovnik hoping to take a picture of the Hollywood couple after she heard they were walking through the town…

When she returned to work she found the office had been robbed and thousands of pounds taken in various currencies.

A police spokesman said: “The woman was only gone for a few minutes but that was more than enough time. It only takes a few seconds to rob somewhere.”

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Granny, 72, pulls truck with her teeth. Why? (Shrug)


grannytow.jpgA 72-year-old Chinese grandmother has pulled a four tonne truck, loaded with people, with her teeth. Wang Xiaobei, from Jinan, Shandong province, managed to drag the truck for more than 10 metres. Wang, a senior accountant, said her good health and high spirits were down to more than 30 years of martial arts training.

Last winter, she succeeded in pulling two cars with her teeth and decided to try something tougher this time. Next, she aims to set her sights on something even heavier – a train carriage, reports Chongqing Morning News.

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Score one for knee jerk law enforcement

Police handed out tickets to drivers in a funeral cortege who jumped a red light. Five drivers got £60 fixed penalty notices or summonses to appear in court after being caught on camera.

Amanda Miller who was at the funeral of David Franks from Laindon, Essex said: “It’s utterly outrageous.”

There were 25 cars in the cortege and many drivers did not know their way to the church. When the lights turned red before everyone had passed, other motorists stayed put and allowed the last few cars through. Amanda wrote to the camera enforcement unit along with a letter from the funeral firm but they were told the fines would stand.

According to The Sun Amanda said: “I spoke to a very officious woman who told me ‘rules are rules’.”

Essex Police said: “We look at all the issues, including the overall risk to public safety.”


Since all the cross traffic was stopped waiting for the cortege to pass, one wonders what “overall risk to public safety” existed. Sounds like bureaucratic stupidity to me. (I can say that because I was a longtime government employee with enforcement authority and saw far too many who turned their brain and judgement off when they opened the rule book.)

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A tale to tell his grandchildren


An Italian scooter rider racked up a record 144 points off his 20 point drivers license in a few minutes of reckless driving.

The ANSA news agency reported that police in the northwestern Italian city of Turin chased the young rider after he evaded their attempts to stop him for breaking the law by not wearing a helmet on Tuesday evening. By the time the 15 minute chase ended, he had received a few more violations as well.

Those violations included not stopping when police ordered, running a red light, riding the wrong way down city-center streets, riding on pedestrian footpaths and speeding. After he was stopped, he was then found to be riding without rear-view mirrors, insurance or lights, and with a license plate incorrectly attached to his vehicle.

The rider was fined $2,890 for the offenses and had his scooter confiscated by the police.

The rider broke a previous national record held by a youth in Bolzano, northern Italy, who had 116 points deducted for a single night’s offences in April.

Let’s see—20 points minus 144 that’s -124. How many years suspension will that be?

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