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Score one for knee jerk law enforcement

Police handed out tickets to drivers in a funeral cortege who jumped a red light. Five drivers got £60 fixed penalty notices or summonses to appear in court after being caught on camera.

Amanda Miller who was at the funeral of David Franks from Laindon, Essex said: “It’s utterly outrageous.”

There were 25 cars in the cortege and many drivers did not know their way to the church. When the lights turned red before everyone had passed, other motorists stayed put and allowed the last few cars through. Amanda wrote to the camera enforcement unit along with a letter from the funeral firm but they were told the fines would stand.

According to The Sun Amanda said: “I spoke to a very officious woman who told me ‘rules are rules’.”

Essex Police said: “We look at all the issues, including the overall risk to public safety.”


Since all the cross traffic was stopped waiting for the cortege to pass, one wonders what “overall risk to public safety” existed. Sounds like bureaucratic stupidity to me. (I can say that because I was a longtime government employee with enforcement authority and saw far too many who turned their brain and judgement off when they opened the rule book.)

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  1. This happened in Philadelphia a few months ago, Pennsylvania has a law that gives funeral pocessions the right of way if the light changes after the first vehicle enters the intersection, the driver had to get his state representitive to intervine.

    Comment by rapcomp | July 24, 2006

  2. There is a similar law here in Washington.

    Comment by oldstersview | July 24, 2006

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