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Only in France—doesn’t look much like the Polizei Porsche (see below)

1973 KV Mini 1

. ..1973kv00.jpg

In anticipation of the demise of the Solyto delivery van, New Map designed and built yet another miniature vehicle that was technically interesting but aesthetically less so, obviously a product of an engineer. KV built its own motors (unusual in itself), which drove the rear wheels by means of rubber rollers pressing on the tires. Transmission was automatic, and the company was one of the only ones in France to use steel bodies for this class of vehicle.

This is an example of an early KV (as opposed to a KVS), featuring small indicator lights and a full convertible top.

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  1. Looks homemade.

    Comment by rapcomp | July 28, 2006

  2. It almost was. Several of these strange little cars that were made right after WW2 were of very short runs and many of them were one-off.

    Comment by Al | July 28, 2006

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