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A tiskit, a taskit, a little wicker bask car

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Poll to taste test effluent water


The Queensland government will hold a referendum in the state’s south-east corner next year on theglass-water.jpg use of drinking recycled waste water. Queensland Premier Peter Beattie announced the referendum after yesterday’s convincing no vote in the drought-stricken city of Toowoomba over drinking water recycled from sewage effluent.

Residents from Gympie south to the Gold Coast and west to Toowoomba will express their support for drinking their own waste water in the referendum to be held in March 2008, to coincide with the Brisbane City Council government election.

Mr Beattie said the controversial process would only be implemented to further bolster the government’s strategies to address south-east Queensland’s dire water shortage if residents approved.


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What’s a Soapbox?


On a recent Saturday afternoon, a group of soapbox racers well past childhood gathered on a steep hill in Brooklyn. With a push and a prayer, they piloted their homemade carts – a wooden cabinet on wheels, a punked-out baby stroller, even a NordicTrack – down the street in head-to-head heats.

The Paping Soapbox Derby, now in its fourth year, is an extreme, strictly grown-up version of the kids’ cart sport. Unlike the nearly 200 traditional derby races held around the country last year, the Paping Derby occurs without benefit of city permits or the sanction of All-American Soap Box Derby, an Ohio-based group that oversees soapbox racing. And in carts built with little engineering know-how, the drivers in the most recent event careened down the hill, colliding with parked cars, curbs and each other.

Organizer John Mejias, 33, an art teacher from East Greenwich Village, was nonchalant about the frequent accidents. “It’s a steep hill and it’s just junk, so these things happen,” he said.

Indeed. Jamison Brosseau, 29, a painter from Bushwick who rode a wooden plank on wheels, bumped his opponent mid-hill, jumped a curb, flew past a parking sign and crashed into a wall. It was his last race of the day.


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Linkletter Still Does The Darndest Things

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If you remember Art Linkletter you’ll find this article interesting. If you don’t remember him then just carry on, child.

During the past few months, Art Linkletter has sailed on the Queen Mary 2, flown to Washington, D.C., on business for two organizations and traveled to Rome for a cruise through the Mediterranean, making speeches everywhere he went.

When he sat for a recent interview in his office, he had spoken in Lincoln, Neb., the previous day and would be doing the same in Montreal the next day.

Linkletter turned 94 on July 12. That same day, he published his 28th book…

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