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Okay all you house boat fans: Here’s another

From an old Modern Mechanics magazine, via Makezine


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Monty Python : British icon

the Daily Mail

johncleese.jpgMonty Python, the Oxford English Dictionary, fish and chips and the pint have joined off-beat comedians Monty Python and the mythical Robin Hood as “icons” of England.

The newest set of national treasures, which also include Sherlock Holmes and the bowler hat, were drawn up by experts and voted for by the public as part of the Icons – A Portrait of England collection.

Humble hedges, the Archers and the oak tree are features of the rural landscape which the public has deemed quintessentially English – along with fox hunting and its ban. Thousands of people also voted for the “bobby” and Oxbridge in the third wave of selections since the project began earlier this year.

The complete list of new icons is: fish and chips, rugby, Robin Hood, the Tower of London, the Magna Carta, hedges, the bobby, foxhunting and the ban, the pint, the White Cliffs of Dover, the Archers, Monty Python, Sherlock Holmes, the Lake District, the parish church, the OED, the bowler hat, the Mini motor car, the oak tree.

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I wonder if they brought crackers?


parrot.jpgPolice called out to investigate reports of a young child left home alone found a talking parrot instead.

Police were called to the house in Koblenz, Germany, by an elderly lady who said she could hear a child next door constantly screaming “Mama, Mama”. The woman felt the child must have been left home alone as nobody was answering the cries.

But when officers broke into the house they found the cries were coming from a 25-year-old talking parrot.

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Note to self: Don’t use gasoline to clean the floor

Ananova –

A man blew up his house as he washed his kitchen floor with a cleaning fluid mixed with petrol [when] the fumes were ignited by the boiler in his living room. The blast blew out the bay window and wrecked ceilings and walls in Ron Cox’s home.

Ron had been [trying] to get glue off his kitchen floor tiles. But he found it such hard work he thought petrol would help. Ron was still scrubbing as the fumes wafted through and exploded as they came into contact with the pilot light on the gas boiler.

According to The Sun he said: “I didn’t realise what had happened at first. I couldn’t believe the damage. It was just a cupful. Lucky I was in the kitchen and no one else was in the house.”

He has now moved out of the house in Scunthorpe, Lincs, while it is repaired.

Neighbour Dave Micheson said: “We heard an almighty bang. I rushed round and found Ron shocked but unhurt.” Dave put out a fire in the lounge and dialled 999.

Humberside fire chief Stuart Spence said: “Ron is very lucky. Nobody should ever try to use petrol as a cleaner.”

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Mole Man banned from home


mole.jpgAn eccentric known as The Mole Man has been banned from his home after digging a 60ft network of tunnels beneath it. William Lyttle, 75, spent 40 years burrowing under his 20-room house, removing 100 cubic metres of earth with a spade and pulleys. It is now feared the street could give way, reports the Daily Mirror.

Philip Wilman, a surveyor for Hackney Council, told Thames magistrates: “There has been movement in the ground. He’s fortunate a London bus is not in his front garden. It’s liable to lead to catastrophe.”

Work at the house in De Beauvoir, East London, could include flooding the tunnels – big enough to stand up in and dropping to a depth of eight metres -with cement.


The Hackney Council is picking up his hotel tab.

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