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Boys lose soccer ball and find £40,000


Three 12-year-old Brazilian boys looking for a lost football found a bag containing £40,000. The youngsters, from a poor part of Fortaleza, handed the money over to the police, reports Folha de Sao Paulo. They found the money after their ball went into the courtyard of an abandoned house and they climbed a fence to retrieve it.

A police spokesperson said: “They were so scared, they looked like they had seen a ghost. They are from a poor area and they said they had never seen so much money in their lives. One of them even said he was terrified and he thought it would be a bad idea to touch so much money, he was certain it was cursed.”

Police think the money is part of a £30million haul stolen from Fortaleza´s Central Bank last August, in Brazil’s biggest bank robbery.

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Harrier jet for sale

Harrier jet for sale

harrier.jpgA truck dealer in the UK has a Harrier Jump Jet he would like to sell you for 20,000 pounds. The dealer, Chris Kelly, got the jet in a deal with the Ministry of Defence and had planned to keep it as a display in his sales yard but at 46 feet long with a wingspan of 26 feet it just tookup too much room.

Don’t plan on commuting in it though. The ejection seat and engine have been removed.

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