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Anti-stupid pills: Good news if you are a mouse or fruit fly


fruitfly.jpgA German scientist has been testing an “anti-stupidity” pill with encouraging results on mice and fruit flies, Bild newspaper reported on Saturday.

…Hans-Hilger Ropers, director at Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, has tested a pill thwarting hyperactivity in certain brain nerve cells, helping stabilise short-term memory and improve attentiveness.

“With mice and fruit flies we were able to eliminate the loss of short-term memory,” Ropers, 62, is quoted saying in the German newspaper, which has dubbed it the “world’s first anti-stupidity pill.”


Tiny little pills, taken with a tiny little glass of water? Nah. Probably not.

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Wild boar roam Britain once more


West Anstey is a fairly ordinary rural village in the county of Devon. It has a pub, a few farms, a post office and a population of around 100. Humans, that is. But in the undulating farmland and woods around the village there are as many as several hundred other residents — wild boar who are adding every day to a nationwide population of up to 1,000.

Their presence on the edge of the Exmoor national park in southwest England, and across at least five other rural British counties, is starting to worry those in the know.

“They have no natural predators and if they are not managed we will be overrun by wild boar,” says Martin Goulding, a boar expert who has been lobbying the government to act.

“We will certainly have wild boar coming into our towns and cities, rooting through dustbins within 10 or 15 years.”


Truly, this is no laughing matter. Wild boars can reach up to 440 lb, occasionally even 660 lbĀ  for adult males, and can be up to 6 feet long. Although typically not dangerous they can become aggressive if surprised or cornered. However, this is quite rare and usually only occurs if a sow feels her piglets are threatened.

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