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Mystery beast blamed for killing 3 dogs

CBC News

People on a northern Manitoba reserve are avoiding a lake after three sled dogs were gutted amid reports that a strange creature is on the loose.

Chief Joe Dantouze of the Northlands First Nation in Lac Brochet said Thursday that he had never seen an animal kill in the manner that befell the dogs. The dogs were found gutted on a island in nearby Reindeer Lake on Sunday morning and another four dogs have gone missing. Manitoba conservation officials have been looking into the matter and have taken the bodies of the dead dogs for analysis.

Dantouze said some people claimed to have spotted a mysterious creature on the lake, but didn’t give a description.

“There were signs that people had seen something out on the lake but they don’t know what type of animal it would be,” Dantouze said.

People believe the mysterious creature killed the dogs, he said.

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What?! I can’t hear you! The ads are on.

Reuters via Yahoo! News

Italy’s government plans to clamp down on broadcasters turning up the volume when they show advertisements in order to get viewers’ attention.

Communications Minister Paolo Gentiloni said research showed Italy’s three main channels on average raised the volume on adverts by 50 percent compared with ordinary programming, even though this is banned under Italian law.

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How many ball bearings in ten tons?

Part of Route 422 in Butler County, Pennsylvania was shut down yesterday after a tractor trailer rig turned over and spilled 20,000 pounds of ball bearings across the highway. Anyone have a large magnet?

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Lonely man makes 37,760 directory calls


A Japanese man was arrested this week after making 37,760 silent calls to directory inquiries because he wanted to listen to the “kind” voices of female telephone operators.
The 44-year-old has admitted to allegations of obstructing the operations of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone company by making up to 905 calls a day from his mobile phone, the daily Mainichi Shimbun said on its Web site.

“When I made a complaint call once, the operator dealt with it very kindly, so I wanted to hear these women’s voices,” the paper quoted him as telling police in Hiroshima, western Japan.

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Thieving lobster apprehended

Agence France-Presse NEWS.com.au

A British swimmer who felt the pinch after losing his wallet during a late-night dip in the sea was convinced it had vanished – until it turned up clamped between a lobster’s claws.

The wallet was recovered by a diver who caught the crustacean red-handed on the sea bed. After picking up the offending lobster, he pried the wallet from the creature’s claws and after finding a business card inside, handed it into a hairdressing salon.

Swimmer Paul Westlake, 30, from Plymouth on the southwest English coast, received a surprise telephone call from a staff member at the salon he uses, who told him the wallet had been salvaged from a lobster’s pincers.

Mr Westlake said he wanted to thank the diver-cum-good Samaritan in person, but his identity remains a mystery.

“I have never eaten a lobster and I never will now,” vowed the grateful swimmer.  “The wallet is intact, but it looks a bit messed up,” he told the Plymouth Evening Standard newspaper.

Mr Westlake lost his wallet when he and his brother dived into Plymouth Sound for a long-distance swimming race following a boozy evening in a local pub. Realising their limitations, the washed-out brothers aborted the mission and returned to the shore – where they realised a wallet had slipped into the sea.

A relieved Mr Westlake collected it from the salon and found the bank cards still worked despite their plunge into the briny sea and subsequent seizure.

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