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Gulf Daily News

Gulf Daily News

A  report of a green and white revolving light over the Tree of Life yesterday became the latest claimed sighting of a UFO in Bahrain. Pakistani Mohammed Adnan, aged 40, claimed he and six others saw it in the skies over Sakhir three weeks ago.

“We were all fascinated at the sight and were convinced it was most unusual,” said Mr Adnan, who is in Bahrain visiting relatives. “We had never seen anything quite like it.”

He said the object was visible for a few seconds before it disappeared into the clouds at around 7pm.

“It was first visible as a green revolving light, which turned white before it vanished,” he said. “When we reached home we told the others what we had seen and they said we were imagining things.” Mr Adnan said he decided to come forward after reading other reports of UFO sightings over the Sitra Causeway and Bahrain Financial Harbour on Monday.

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