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Sea spiders suck on prey

seaspidera210706.jpgWeird spider-like creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean and use a ‘straw’ to suck on their prey are baffling scientists. These sea spiders, some of which are blind, are defying scientific classification.

Marine zoologist Dr Claudia Arango of the Australian Museum in Sydney agrees they are arthropods, but which type? She presented her research on these unusual and poorly understood animals recently at the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research meeting in Hobart.

“They are very weird looking animals,” says Arango.

For over 100 years, scientists have been puzzling over how exactly to classify sea spiders or pycnogonids. They crawl along the bottom of the sea floor, sometimes more than 6000 to 7000 metres down, where they live in the dark, feeding on slow-moving soft-bodied sponges and sea slugs.

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Rolling WiFi

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The “Blogmobile” plying the streets of New York City this week enables the public to carry on Internet conversations with celebrities while at the same time the traveling Wi-Fi hotspot is proving the concept that terrestrial IP links can deliver Web access to moving vehicles.

Using Telkonet NuVisions technology, which has created an umbrella of connectivity in parts of the city, the oversized van is equipped with several PCs for users who communicate with celebrities via blog portal http://www.ChatWithAStar.com.

“We’re proving the concept of mobile Wi-Fi,” said Frank Matarazzo, president of Telkonet’s Microwave Satellite unit, in an interview Thursday. “It’s cost-prohibitive today, but it won’t be in the future.”


No, you don’t have to run alongside to use it. They stop and you get in and use it. 

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Indian village uploads itself onto Internet

Reuters via Yahoo! News
An Indian village has uploaded itself onto the Internet, giving the outside world a glimpse of life in rural India.

Visitors to Hansdehar village’s Web site (www.smartvillages.org) can see the names, jobs and other details of its 1,753 residents, browse photographs of their shops and read detailed specifications about their drainage and electricity facilities.

Most of the residents can’t yet surf the Hansdehar Web site as the village is not yet connected to the Internet.

But the villagers hope the site — and their imminent first Internet connection — will put them in touch with the world beyond the flooded rice fields surrounding Hansdehar, located in a rich agricultural belt in the northern state of Haryana.

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Water-spewing tree

Is it an artesian spring, a broken water pipe or an abandoned well? Lucille Pope’s red oak tree has gurgled water for about three months, and experts can’t seem to get to the root of the problem. Pope… has sought answers from the Texas Forest Service, the Edwards Aquifer Authority and nurseries. They have taken pictures and conducted studies, but none have arrived at a firm answer.

“I got a mystery tree,” Pope said in Friday editions of the San Antonio-Express News. “What kind of mystery do I have where water comes out of a tree?”

Her son, Lloyd, 47, discovered water leaking from the tree in April. He said it was cool, like it came from the tap. The only damp spot around the tree trunk is where the water lands.

Mark Peterson, a regional community forester from the Texas Forest Service said he believes it could be a spring, but pointed out that would be rare with the drought conditions this summer.

“If it is a burst pipe their monthly bill would be enormous,” Peterson said.

Lucille Pope has started to wonder if the water has special properties. Her insurance agent dabbed drops of the water on a spider bite and the welt went away, she said.

“I just want to know if it is a healing tree or blessed water,” she said. “That’s God’s water. Nobody knows but God.”


Yeah, well maybe……..nah.

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Rent-a-cop, a real one. And his helicopter, too

Reuters via Yahoo! News
special-police-badge.jpgSerbs seeking a bit of extra protection or perhaps a helicopter for the weekend can now turn to the police, which from this month will be renting out its personnel, transport and even animals for private use.

According to a detailed price list published in the official gazette, the cost of hiring a policeman to guard money transports or sports events would be 300 dinars ($4.50) an hour. A police horse goes for 2,400 dinars a day, a trained dog for 1,800 dinars a day, and a helicopter for between 45,000 and 140,000 dinars per hour depending on the type.

The government said the scheme was designed as “a chance for police to gain additional financial means and have their own income.”

A statement published on the official government Web site said both individuals and companies would be entitled to use those services, but the process would be under the strict control of the Interior Ministry to prevent abuses.

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70 speeding tickets in 5 months.

Reuters via Yahoo News

As a mortgage broker in Arizona, Francesca Cisneros is used to working with big numbers. Its the double-digit speed limits she has trouble with. Cisneros racked up 70 speeding tickets in the last five months, a record for the Scottsdale Police Department, police said on Friday.

Speeding cameras in Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix, snapped pictures of the 32-year-old woman as she tore through the sun-baked city in her Honda Civic between March 2 and July 31.

“She told arresting officers she was speeding because she seemed to be late for client meetings all the time,” Scottsdale Police Department spokesman Mark Clark told Reuters. “I guess she’s got some time management issues.”

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