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Rent-a-cop, a real one. And his helicopter, too

Reuters via Yahoo! News
special-police-badge.jpgSerbs seeking a bit of extra protection or perhaps a helicopter for the weekend can now turn to the police, which from this month will be renting out its personnel, transport and even animals for private use.

According to a detailed price list published in the official gazette, the cost of hiring a policeman to guard money transports or sports events would be 300 dinars ($4.50) an hour. A police horse goes for 2,400 dinars a day, a trained dog for 1,800 dinars a day, and a helicopter for between 45,000 and 140,000 dinars per hour depending on the type.

The government said the scheme was designed as “a chance for police to gain additional financial means and have their own income.”

A statement published on the official government Web site said both individuals and companies would be entitled to use those services, but the process would be under the strict control of the Interior Ministry to prevent abuses.


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