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Online dating is planned for orangutans

oran.jpgThe Associated Press via Yahoo! News
Single male (red hair, long arms, interests include hanging in trees and grooming) seeks female for long-distance relationship and possibility of meeting up in future to help save species.

Zookeepers in the Netherlands are planning to hook up Dutch and Indonesian orangutans over the Internet and believe the link could at some stage be used as an online dating service where apes could get to know one another and keepers could work out whether they would be compatible mates.

First things first: A romantic dinner for two.

“We are going to set up an Internet connection between Indonesia and Apeldoorn so that the apes can see each other and, by means of pressing a button, be able to give one another food, for example,” said Anouk Ballot, a spokeswoman for the Apenheul ape park in the central Dutch city of Apeldoorn.

She said the chance of two orangutans actually mating as a result of the online interaction was small due to the problem of transporting them between the Netherlands and Indonesia. “But I wouldn’t rule it out completely,” she told The Associated Press.

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Admit it. You’ve wanted to do this too, haven’t you.

A Russian woman is suing weather forecasters for ruining her holiday with incorrect predictions.

Alyona Gabitova told the court in the central Russian town of Uljanovsk that she had been promised temperatures of 28 degrees and constant sunshine during her weekend camping trip to a nearby nature park, but instead got wet through when it did nothing but pour down with rain the entire time.

She added that she had come back from the short holiday with a cold and is now demanding the local weather service refund her travel costs, according to Nowyje Iswestija newspaper.

The court is yet to make a decision on the woman’s claim.

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Quick! Pour coffee over your head!

As a result of …extensive research studies, German scientists [have] arrived at [the] fascinating conclusion [that coffee can prevent baldness.] Apparently, claim the scientists, it is possible to prevent baldness at an early age by means of treating hair with products containing caffeine (for instance by rubbing a special solution into the scalp).

However, the scientific team advises coffee lovers against consuming their favorite beverage in excess to fight baldness. According to an expert-cosmetologist Adolf Klenka, ‘one would need to consume 60-80 cups of coffee per day for the caffeine to reach hair follicles.’ Professor Elsner in turn notes that ‘even though a person would be willing to do just that for beauty’s sake, our research did not cover the way caffeine intake influences one’s scalp. We did prove however that caffeine should be used as an external substance that should be applied directly onto the scalp.’

According to him, those men who are genetically predisposed to baldness, should consider such ‘caffeine therapy’ while they are still relatively young. German medics consider that rubbing coffee grounds into the scalp is the most effective way to prevent baldnes



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