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Simon gets telling off from gran

simoncowell_iu3zi2nc.gif Simon Cowell got the put-down of his life – from an 86-year-old gran. Edna Moore tore into him at the auditions for X Factor. According to the Mirror she told him to alter his ways.

Edna accompanied daughter-in-law Lorraine to the Manchester auditions to watch her perform for Simon and fellow judges Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne. But the great gran became angry after Simon began to snigger at Lorraine’s efforts, branding her “lifeless” and mocking her “lack of personality”.

Storming back into the audition room, she told him: “You laughed!” When he protested that he always laughs, she spluttered: “No you don’t. You do not.” With her voice rising she added: “Listen Simon. You want to alter your ways. You think you’re better than anybody. I think you were very ignorant. Yes -you were ignorant, Simon.”

Simon apologised and scurried from the room.. Simon admitted: “I’ve never been so humiliated in my life. When she let rip I turned into a three-year-old because I didn’t feel I could argue with a woman who is 86. I have to admit – it was fantastic.”

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