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And speaking of strange animals…………

Highland News and North Star
The second reported sighting of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, has been published in the Highland News and North Star.

A stunned German schoolboy spotted Nessie last week and shouted to his dad: “Look, a U-boat!”

Ryan Macdonald’s father, Gordon, who also got a monster fright, declared: “I used to think Nessie was a joke, but now I am not sure.” Gordon and his eight-year old son and Gordon’s pal, Tony Mulgrew, caught sight of the legendary beast during a fishing trip near Dores.

The complete story is at this link

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Balancing robot

ballbot.jpg MSNBC.com
Ballbot, a narrow, 5-foot-tall robot, balances delicately on what looks like a bowling ball. Swaying slightly on a laboratory floor, the aluminum-framed droid seems ready to fall at any moment.

But much like a circus animal balancing on a beach ball, Ballbot stays stable, its motors whirring to keep it upright…

Unlike other robots designed to interact with humans, Ballbot is capable of moving in any direction without turning because it pivots on a ball, Grupen said. That makes it capable of operating in the tight, cluttered spaces that people often live in, he said.

Researchers are working to add arms and perhaps a vision system to Ballbot. But while the technology behind the robot is promising, Hollis said practical applications remain far off.

“We don’t know whether we’ll succeed or not,” he said. “But we’re trying to push the idea as far as we can.”

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