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Well, it was parked, right?


A parking warden has been criticised for writing out a ticket for a car – after it had been involved in a crash. The VW Golf was slapped with a £100 fixed penalty fine within hours of the accident. Amazingly, the stranded car was given another ticket the next day by the same warden.

Passerby James Pennant said: “I was flabbergasted. The VW was clearly undriveable and the car it hit was on the other side of the road. It was obviously the scene of an accident. Someone could have been killed or badly injured – but that didn’t stop him writing out a ticket. I told the warden what he was doing was atrocious but he just told me to go away.”

A spokesman for parking firm APCO A apologised and said the tickets would be cancelled. According to the Mirror he added: “When the attendant arrives for his next shift he will be asked why on earth he did what he did.”

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Is it litter if you can’t find it?


A driver has been handed a £75 fine for flicking his cigarette ash out of his car window. Alan Joyce, from Poole, Dorset, was sent a fixed penalty notice telling him to pay the fine within 14 days or face court action.

He was told that a council officer had reason to believe he was “dripping his cigarette” while driving his car.

Mr Joyce, 68, who plans to pay the fine but lodge a complaint, said: “To me that is not worth being branded a litter bug. I am really annoyed. I can’t remember doing it so I can’t deny it. But it is annoying when you see other things like the chewing gum on the streets and the litter left in my garden.”

According to the Mirror Poole councillor Don Collier said: “Poole operates a vigilant fixed penalty notice scheme to discover people who are littering our town. The people of Poole won’t tolerate littering.”


Good to see that the Poole constabulary and Council are ever vigilant in the punishing of these horrendous crimes. 

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Now this is a folding bike



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Probably just wanted to see what was above the tiles…


A Boeing 737 Jet, forced to make an emergency landing at the San Antonio International Airport has been given the all-clear, and removed from the runway.

…WOAI [reported that] a fight attendant was concerned after a passenger spent an extreme amount of time in the plane’s restroom. After the passenger exited the restroom, the fight attendant noticed the ceiling tiles were displaced, …notified authorities and the plane was diverted to a far north corner of the airport. Two teams of bomb-sniffing dogs were brought to search the plane. Airport spokesman David Hebert says both K9 units showed interest in the plane. Passengers, and all luggage, aboard the mid-sized Boeing jet, were removed from the plane. All passengers, but for one man, were free to go. Federal authorities held the man they believed tampered with the restroom, back for questioning.

Less than three hours after diverting the plane, and numerous searches, airport officials gave the all clear.

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For these early moonshiners, making and selling alcohol wasn’t a hobby or a way to make extra cash — it was how they survived. Farmers could survive a bad year by turning their corn into profitable whisky, and the extra income made a harsh frontier existence almost bearable. To them, paying the tax meant they wouldn’t be able to feed their families. Federal agents (called “Revenuers”) were attacked when they came around to collect the tax, and several were tarred and feathered.

All this resentment finally exploded in 1794, when several hundred angry citizens took over the city Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. President George Washington called for a gathering of militiamen under federal authority. Thirteen-thousand troops dispersed the mob and captured its leaders. This Whisky Rebellion was the first major test of federal authority for the young government.


Thirteen vats, each containing about 2000 gallons of mash, were found at this still at Catoctin Mountain, Maryland, when it was raided in July of 1929. Appropriately enough it was known as the Blue Blazes still. 

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Revealed: world’s oldest computer

The Observer

antikythera.jpgIt looks like a heap of rubbish, feels like flaky pastry and has been linked to aliens. For decades, scientists have puzzled over the complex collection of cogs, wheels and dials seen as the most sophisticated object from antiquity, writes Helena Smith. But 102 years after the discovery of the calcium-encrusted bronze mechanism on the ocean floor, hidden inscriptions show that it is the world’s oldest computer, used to map the motions of the sun, moon and planets.

‘We’re very close to unlocking the secrets,’ says Xenophon Moussas,an astrophysicist with a Anglo-Greek team researching the device. ‘It’s like a puzzle concerning astronomical and mathematical knowledge.’

Known as the Antikythera mechanism and made before the birth of Christ, the instrument was found by sponge divers amid the wreckage of a cargo ship that sunk off the tiny island of Antikythera in 80BC. To date, no other appears to have survived.

‘Bronze objects like these would have been recycled, but being in deep water it was out of reach of the scrap-man and we had the luck to discover it,’ said Michael Wright, a former curator at London’s Science Museum. He said the apparatus was the best proof yet of how technologically advanced the ancients were…


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Miracle creek draws thousands

The Observer
Thousands of Indians drank from a polluted Arabian Sea creek after claims that its water had miraculously turned sweet and could cure illnesses, police said yesterday. About 5,000 people gathered at the creek in Mumbai overnight, many of them drinking the dirty water from their palms.

“Sweet seawater, this is a miracle. This water is divine”, Sheikh Naseer, a Mumbai man told a local TV news channel.

Children and adults bathed in the creek, which receives thousands of tonnes of sewage and industrial waste every day. Some scooped up seawater in bottles and plastic bags, saying they were going to share it with their families. There has been a mad rush to the creek. There is a dargah [Islamic mausoleum] nearby and people felt this is something divine, said S Kumar, a police officer.

But police began stopping people from going to the creek yesterday after authorities warned drinking the polluted water was dangerous. Mumbais civic officials said the water could have temporarily lost its salinity for several reasons, including pollution and inflow of freshwater from a nearby source.

“We have collected a sample of the water and sent it for testing”, a city official said.


The results of the test will make no difference. Is there no end to gullibility? 

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A 9mm pistol beats a screwdriver every time

screwdriver.gifA customer carrying a gun foiled a man who attempted to rob a fast-food restaurant [in Indianapolis] with a screwdriver in his pocket, police said.

William McMiller Jr., 40, was being held at the Marion County jail Friday on an $80,000 bond for an initial charge of robbery. He demanded money and threatened to shoot a cashier at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on the city’s west side Thursday afternoon, according to Indianapolis police.

McMiller ordered a bucket of chicken then told the cashier, “Give me the money before I shoot you,” police said. He held his hand in his back pocket as if reaching for a gun, police said, then began to climb over the counter.

Paul Sherlock, a customer sitting in the dining room, approached and pulled out his 9 mm handgun. He held McMiller at gunpoint until police arrived. Officers found a long screwdriver, but no gun, in McMiller’s pocket.

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