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Now this is a folding bike




August 21, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. I’ve seen this bike mockup too. It’s an interesting design but may be too radical to ever be adopted. Just look at recumbent bikes in general. They’ve been around for decades and are more comfortable than standard bikes; however, they’re “unconventional” in appearance and thus have failed to attain the mass market appeal they deserve.

    FYI, I sell a bike that’s won rave reviews – the Mobiky Genius. The Mobiky is a well thought out and beautifully executed commuter bike that folds into a very small package. Whenever I ride the Mobiky, people stop me to talk about the bike; nevertheless, people buy other bikes more. Undoubtedley, this is due in part to the Mobiky’s non-standard appearance.

    Comment by Larry | August 25, 2006

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