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A Boeing 737 Jet, forced to make an emergency landing at the San Antonio International Airport has been given the all-clear, and removed from the runway.

…WOAI [reported that] a fight attendant was concerned after a passenger spent an extreme amount of time in the plane’s restroom. After the passenger exited the restroom, the fight attendant noticed the ceiling tiles were displaced, …notified authorities and the plane was diverted to a far north corner of the airport. Two teams of bomb-sniffing dogs were brought to search the plane. Airport spokesman David Hebert says both K9 units showed interest in the plane. Passengers, and all luggage, aboard the mid-sized Boeing jet, were removed from the plane. All passengers, but for one man, were free to go. Federal authorities held the man they believed tampered with the restroom, back for questioning.

Less than three hours after diverting the plane, and numerous searches, airport officials gave the all clear.

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