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Boy charged £2 for losing wallet

£2 for losing wallet
A bus company made an 11-year-old boy pay £2 for the return of his lost wallet which only contained a fiver.

Charley Vincent lost his wallet on a bus but did not realise it was missing until he returned home. His mum Lucy, 46, called the bus company and was told a passenger had handed it in. Bosses at the First bus company told her he would have to pay £2 if he wanted it back. It is their policy to charge a levy for the “service”.

Charley, who got off the number eight bus in Weymouth, Dorset, said: “I feel very angry about this. I’ve had to pay £2 out of my own pocket money to get my wallet back. It only had £5 in it.”

According to the Mirror Lucy said: “I was disgusted. What a cheek. Nowhere else charges you to collect your own property. Charley was gutted. I just cannot believe they charge you £2 – what do they do with all the cash they rake in? It is so tight-fisted and the fact they have done it to a child is even worse.”

A spokesman for First said: “It is not unusual for companies to charge a small levy with regards to lost property. In our terms and conditions our customers are informed that there is a charge. Our lost property is a service. We have to collect lost property and then sort it all out.”


Since the bus company didn’t even call him where’s the service they performed? There has been a rash of bureaucratic nonsense reported out of Britain lately.

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Land trip to Oz to cut pollution—and other fairy tales

chinesetrain.jpgLand trip to Oz
A woman is travelling 9,770 miles to be a bridesmaid at a wedding in Australia because she does not want to boost pollution by flying. Barbara Haddrills six-week journey will cost her £2,000, reports the Mirror.

She says it will produce only 1.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide instead of 5.2 tonnes if she flew.

She said: “I could never fly, it wouldnt be right. Its a challenge going overland. But its worth it knowing Im not harming the planet. I just hope I get to the church on time.”

Barbara, 28, plans to travel 1,560 miles by bus to Moscow. From there, she rides the Trans-Siberian railway 3,600 miles to Beijing where she gets on a train for Singapore 2,770 miles away. Once there she boards a boat for final destination Brisbane 3,840 miles away.

Barbara, who lives in a caravan in a forest, works on alternative technology in Machynlleth, Powys.


And, of course, since nobody else will be occupying the airplane seat she would have taken, the airline won’t fly and that’s how she’ll save all that carbon dioxide. And everyone knows that the smoke belching trains in Asia don’t pollute at all. Nor does the ship. Brilliant. 

Maybe she should consider a bicycle, no pollution there, or just admit that she is afraid to fly. 

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