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Astrology will be just as accurate as it always has been.

Reuters via Yahoo! News
Scientists may have demoted Pluto to the rank of a “dwarf planet” on Thursday but astrologers foretell no major changes in the way they read the heavens because of the move. Russell Grant, a British astrologer and best-selling author, said Pluto’s planetary demotion was not a surprise after years of discussion and he would not change the charts he uses for his clients or millions of visitors to his Web site.

“I personally am shaken not stirred,” Grant said in a telephone interview from Britain. “It’s very interesting that Pluto’s been downgraded in a planetary sense because he could never be downgraded in a mythological sense. I will continue to use Pluto because he gives me the ability to look into people’s charts and see where they’re coming from psychologically,” he said.

Grant noted that astrologers had long used non-planets, such as Earth’s moon. He also charts several asteroids, which are inside the solar system but much smaller than planets.


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