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It’s not the OK Corral but it was a heck of a fight

Cody, Wyoming – It’s usually the mock Old West gunfight outside the Irma Hotel that has tourists talking, but an old-fashioned barroom brawl late Monday night captivated at least one out-of-town couple.

“A couple came up to me after it was all over and shook my hand and said, ‘We’re from South Carolina, and we just want to thank you, that was the best bar fight and greatest entertainment we’ve ever had,’ ” said Scott Richard of Cody.

Richard said he was present for the melee, and at times became sucked into the fracas. In a town known for rowdy saloon brawls, Richard said he heard the fight described as the biggest in 15 years.

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Woman’s best friend (dog) starts car

A breakdown patrol man managed to get a stranded woman’s car started by using her dog.

Juliette Piesley, 39, had changed the battery in her electronic key fob but was then unable to start her car, reports the BBC. When AA patrolman Kevin Gorman arrived at the scene, in Addlestone, Surrey, he found the immobiliser chip was missing.

Ms Piesley said her dog George had eaten something, and realising it was the chip, he put the dog in the front seat and started the car with the key.

Mr Gorman said: “I was glad to get the car started for the member. They will now have to take George with them in the car until things take their natural course. It is the first time that I have had to get a dog to help me to start a car.”

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Monster Smart Car

. ..smartmonster.jpg

A Smart Car with monster tyres and four wheel drive has been developed for hardcore offroad use. The ‘Forfun’ has the body of a normal Smart Fortwo mounted on an all-terrain Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 series. Greek 4×4 Rally Champion, Stefan Attart, joined forces with Mercedes-Benz Greece, to design and develop the one-off vehicle.

  • six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 5,675 cc delivering 84 bhp – more than twice as powerful as the standard model.
  • ground clearance of more than 2ft, eye popping tyres on 26 inch rims, and a towering 12ft height.
  • oversized wheels, an aluminium safety cage, and special shock absorbers with manually controlled air suspension.

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A kilo of sand a day keeps the doctor away

An Indian grandmother has revealed she eats a kilo of sand a day to stay fit and healthy. Ram Rati, 80, considers sand an essential part of her daily diet and eats a kilo of it before breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea

Ram who lives in Chinhar in Lucknow told Asian News International: “When young, I tried it for fun once. Since then, I am used to it. My brothers and relatives pestered me to quit it but it was all in vain. I eat on an average around one or one-and-a-half kilos of sand per day.”

Her granddaughter Shikha said: “The doctor said if she has no health problems, let her eat. We think it suits her health.”

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Still gone? Yep.


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Still on vacation. This is Jackson Lake, Wyoming, with the Grand Tetons in the background.


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Vacation time

I’m on vacation in the mountain west. Back in a few days. Here’s a picture or two for you.



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Don’t mess with us oldtimers, boy.


Willie Glass must know something the rest of us don’t. Instead of slowing down with age, the 72-year-old Sandston resident keeps picking up speed.

“Gotten faster and faster,” he says.

Glass is one senior citizen no one can accuse of puttering along in the slow lane. The retired welder recently returned from the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah with a new land-speed record in the Model A, Super-Charged Roadster division.

On the first day of competition, he “played it safe” and was clocked at 189 mph. The next day, he tossed caution to the wind and let it all hang out.

“Kind of like flying an airplane,” he said.

The result: an initial pass of 204 mph, followed by an all-time high of 212.9. Officially, the two passes were averaged for a record of 208.5.

The 200-plus run earned Glass a slot in Bonneville’s elite “200 mph club.”

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Murder suspect: Goat turned into corpse—umm, right.

Yahoo! News

A Nigerian murder suspect accused of killing his brother with an axe told police investigators he actually attacked a goat, which was only later magically transformed into his sibling’s corpse, officials said Thursday. The man, whose name wasn’t released, offered police his explanation after his arrest on Tuesday in the death of his brother the previous day at Isseluku village in southern Nigeria.

“He said that the goats were on his farm and he tried to chase them away. When one wouldn’t move, he attacked it with an axe. He said it then turned into his brother,” Police Commissioner Udom Ekpoudom told the Associated Press.

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Opera fans ‘prefer magic mushrooms’—but only after the fat lady sings

magic-mushrooms.jpg More than a quarter of classical music fans have tried cannabis while opera lovers prefer magic mushrooms.

They are among the findings of a new study of music tastes and lifestyles by researchers at the University of Leicester. They discovered that fans of every style of music had taken drugs, with those who preferred DJ-based club music topping the list.

A quarter of classical music buffs have tried cannabis and 12.3 per cent of opera lovers had tried magic mushrooms.


There’s more at the link.

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What if the blue screen of death pops up?

A Chinese court has been criticised for using a computer program to help decide prison sentences. The Zichuan District People’s Court has reportedly used the software in more than 1,500 criminal cases.

The program, created by a Beijing-based company, covers about 100 different crimes including robbery, rape, murder and crimes against the state. The judge enters details of a case and the system produces a sentence, reports the South China Morning Post.

The software’s developer, Qin Ye, was quoted as saying: “The software is aimed at ensuring standardised decisions on prison terms. Our programs set standard terms for any subtle distinctions in different cases of the same crime.”

The court’s Chief Judge, Wang Hongmei, said: “The software can avoid abuse of discretionary power of judges as a result of corruption or insufficient training.”

But the move has been criticised by a section of the Chinese media as a farce that highlighted the “laziness of the court”

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Yahoo! News
Segway Inc. is recalling all 23,500 of the self-balancing scooters it has shipped because of a software glitch that can make its wheels unexpectedly reverse direction, throwing off the rider — and in at least one incident, break some teeth.

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Ananova – £106 eBay jug goes for £47,000

creamboat.jpgA ceramic jug bought on eBay for £106.72 has been sold on for £47,000. The jug was listed incorrectly on the auction website as Italian-made, circa 1900, reports The Sun. But it was actually a rare 18th-century Worcester Porcelain Wigornia creamboat – regarded as the ‘holy grail’ for collectors.

Two buyers snapped it up then contacted expert John Sandon at auctioneers Bonham’s, who confirmed it was “very special”. The jug, with Chinese scenes, was tipped to fetch £20,000 in London – but went for £46,800 to two private collectors.

Mr Sandon: “The original sellers had no idea what a treasure they had.”

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Eye-popping “ability”

. .eyepop.jpg
A Brazilian man is hoping for a place in the record books for his ability to pop his eyes out of their sockets. Claudio Pinto from Brazil is hoping for a place in the record books for his ability to pop his eyes out of their sockets /Resende

…Pinto, 48 is making a living out of shows where he pops his eyes out, Terra Noticias Populares reports. He reckons he can pop both eyes 95% out of their sockets. Mr Pinto has undergone various tests and doctors say they have never seen or heard of a person who can pop the eyes as much as him.

Mr Pinto, from Belo Horizonte, said: “It is a pretty easy way to make money. I can pop my eyes out four centimetres each, it is a gift from God, I feel blessed.”

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Malaysia News Online
tree.JPGKEPALA BATAS: It sounds unbelievable. But it’s true. And thousands of people are making a beeline for the village of Kampung Paya here to see it for themselves.

The trunk of a pinang (betel nut) tree has sprouted a human-like face. The curves on the five-metre high tree clearly resemble human eyes, teeth and a nose. The unexplained phenomenon has resulted in the villagers there naming it the “ghost tree”.

Villager Zainol Nayan, 54, who lives near the tree, said he spotted the curves emerging on the tree about a month ago, but the much clearer human-like face only became obvious last Friday.

“Since then, villagers have gathered around the tree to see for themselves and the news spread like wildfire, attracting outsiders.”

Zainol said the pinang tree grew by itself more than 10 years ago, but there was nothing strange about it until recently.

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Elephant born at Wild Animal Park

babyelephant.jpgA female African elephant was born at the San Diego Zoos Wild Animal Park, officials announced Tuesday.

The 214-pound calf was born at 7:49 p.m. Monday to a 16-year-old African elephant named Umngani, which was part of a herd rescued from culling in Swaziland and brought to San Diego in 2003.

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Snake hides in tourist’s knickers—and she didn’t feel it?

A rare Filipino snake smuggled itself into Germany by hiding in a tourist’s knickers. The green ring snake survived a long distance flight and even a tumble in a washing machine.

Helga Gurnsteidl, 31, from Nuremberg, put her dirty undies in the machine after returning from a trip to the Philippines. But she only spotted the snake when she opened the door to take out the washing.

Experts from a local zoo were called in to collect the snake and have given it a new home in their reptile house.

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Remember, the bread goes on the bottom

Yahoo! News
Victory may be in the bag for Lori Engel. Engel, an assistant manager at the Waterford [Wisconsin] Pick ‘n’ Save, has parlayed years of bagging know-how into $500, a trip to Vegas and a chance to compete in the National Grocers Association’s Best Bagger Contest. Last month, Engel competed in the Wisconsin Grocers Association’s state bagging competition in Green Bay, where she finished in first place.

Engel, 39, competed in a field of 18, in two separate categories — paper and plastic. She prefers paper.

The competition involved filling two bags with a selection of grocery items. Judges awarded points based on appearance and attitude, time, weight distribution and technique.

Engel’s time didn’t win her the top spot at the state level. She believes it was the winning combination of her technique and her personality.

“There’s a sure five points, if you have a smile on your face and it doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed,” Engel said.

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At least her dog didn’t eat her homework

Yahoo! News
raccoon-03.jpgStephanie King [Largo, Florida] had to tell her music teacher that a raccoon was to blame for her missing homework. “I explained that the raccoon fell from the ceiling in my bathroom and it ran into my bedroom,” the 13-year-old seventh grader at Osceola Middle School told the St. Petersburg Times.

“Animal control came out to get it and they couldn’t catch it and they said we couldn’t go in my room.”

Stephanie’s grandmother vouched for her story Friday with school officials. “I told them she can’t get her homework, her books, because everything is locked in the bedroom,” Natalie King said.

The female raccoon and its babies crashed to the Kings’ bathroom floor Wednesday night. Until that moment, the family didn’t know the roof was leaking, much less that a family of raccoons was living in their ceiling. The mother raccoon escaped into Stephanie’s room. It finally made its way Thursday night into the trap set by Pinellas County Animal Services officers, who picked up the critter the next morning.

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“Uniquely Welsh” Paper from sheep poo

A company in Snowdonia has won an award for making greetings cards and gifts out of sheep droppings. Creative Paper Wales won a £20,000 Millennium Award for its Sheep Poo Paper products, reports the BBC. They collect sheep droppings from the surrounding mountains, sterilise it in pressure cookers and recover the washed and undigested fibres.

A sheep digests just 50% of what it eats. The recovered fibres are mixed to form paper and cardboard for the company’s range of stationery and gift products. Even the washing water is not wasted – it is distributed to local growers as concentrated fertiliser.

Founders Lawrence Toms, 38, from Rhondda and Lez Paylor, 38, from Caerphilly, said they had been keen to develop an idea which would be uniquely Welsh.

The company’s plant at Aberllefenni, near Machynlleth, will be able to produce one to two tonnes of paper a year.

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