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Meteorites Caused Holes In Carmel Roof

[In Carmel, Indiana ,firemen responding to] reports of an explosion and smoke at a home found nothing but two tennis ball-sized holes in the roof that a research scientist thinks might have been caused by a meteorite.

When firefighters couldn’t find a cause for the reports on Aug. 12, homeowners Mick and Mary Zakrajsek called Nelson Shaffer, a research scientist with the Indiana Geolocgical Survey in Bloomington and author of a book “Indiana Meteorites — Close Encounters from Outer Space.”

He examined the damage but could not find any obvious particles from outer space. He plans to go back to the house when portions of the roof are torn out during repairs.

“In the history of humanity, there is a handful of times when meteorites fell and hit a building of any sort,” Shaffer said. “But it does happen.”

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From the good old days in Russia



This limo was designed to transport the joyous workers back and forth to the factories in Communist Russia. Incredible machine—the bastard child of a houseboat and a Nash Rambler.

Thanks to Father Dale for the tip.

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Please don’t caress the cows

Responding to numerous “reports of unpleasant meetings between hikers and cattle” along Switzerland’s picture-perfect Alpine trails this summer, the Swiss Hiking Federation has laid down a few ground rules.

“Leave the animals in peace and do not touch them. Never caress a calf,” the group’s guidance, posted on the website http://www.swisshiking.ch, reads. “Do not scare the animals or look them directly in the eye. Do not wave sticks. Give a precise blow to the muzzle of the cow in the event of absolute need,” it continues.

Evelyne Zaugg of the Swiss Hiking Federation said that while there were no precise statistics on incidents involving cows, walkers are reporting more run-ins than a few than a few years ago.

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How not to win friends among cops

The Daily Record
A man who urinated in a police waste basket was jailed for five months yesterday. Allan Ross was being quizzed about an attack on his sister at Central Scotland Police HQ in Stirling when he got up, walked over to the bin in an interview room and urinated into it.

At the town’s sheriff court yesterday, Ross, 49, yesterday pleaded guilty to breach of the peace. He also pleaded guilty to assaulting his sister Rosalind at her home in Cambusbarron, near Stirling, by punching her in the face and kicking and punching her on the arms and legs. Ross also admitted breaching a bail condition which meant he should have stayed away from her.

Virgil Crawford, defending, said: “Alcohol lies at the root of my client’s problems.” Both offences were in May.

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Can’t shoot Scots anymore—now what will they do weekends?

Citizens of York are being asked to sign a treaty promising never to shoot Scots with a bow and arrow. Under an ancient by-law, which has never been repealed, York people can “legally” shoot Scotsmen with a bow and arrow within the city walls.

But a couple from the city are walking 240 miles to Edinburgh to present the Lord Provost with a “peace treaty”. Ewan and Gill Main have asked York residents to sign their treaty in a bid to improve Anglo-Scottish relations, and raise money for Survive, a charity which helps child victims of sexual abuse, .

Each signatory must promise to never shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow, and to make Scots feel welcome in York.

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We are experiencing audio difficulties

CNN viewers were able to listen to a news presenter’s conversation when her microphone was not switched off as she went to the loo.

Kyra Phillips conversation was broadcast live over a speech by US president George Bush. According to the Guardian Unlimited she was heard praising her “passionate” husband.

During her conversation with the colleague she said: “I’m very lucky. My husband is handsome and he is genuinely loving – really passionate.”¬† She also criticised her brother’s wife, saying: “I’ve got to be protective of him. He’s married, three kids and his wife is just a control freak.”

CNN apologised for “audio difficulties”.

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Pilot locked out of cockpit after loo break

A pilot who needed the toilet mid-flight found himself locked out of the cockpit when he tried to return. The crew of the Air Canada Jazz flight had to remove the door from its hinges, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

The pilot left the cockpit to use the washroom at the back of the plane with about 20 minutes remaining of the two hour and 30 minute flight. He left the flight’s first officer in control of the plane and a flight attendant also remained in the cockpit. But when the pilot returned, the door was stuck – or locked – and the pilot was unable to return to the flight deck.

For about 10 minutes, passengers described seeing the pilot bang on the door and communicating with the cockpit through an internal telephone. Eventually, the crew forced the door open by taking the door off its hinges completely, and the pilot safely landed the plane.

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