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Whoops! Woman Accidentally Jumps 10-Foot Embankment In Wheelchair

Firefighters [ in Westmoreland County, PA] said a woman hit the wrong speed on her electric wheelchair, jumped a curb and fell over a 10-foot embankment into the woods on Monday.

The incident happened at Twin Lakes, a Westmoreland County park just outside of Greensburg.

Officials said the woman suffered only cuts and scrapes. She is expected to be OK.

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Apparently three to one wasn’t good odds

Three teenage thugs ended up in hospital after trying to steal a junior kick-boxing and karate champs mobile phone. The trio, all aged 17, cornered Pauli Borchardt, also 17, as he made his way home from a friends house in Hamburg, Germany.

After refusing to hand over his mobile phone, which he was using at the time to call his brother, the trio tried to take it by force. But the amateur kick-boxing and karate champ floored all three of them before making it to his home on the same street.

One of the thugs was kept in hospital after a passer-by spotted them on the ground and called an ambulance. The other two were released after being treated for cuts and bruises.

Police, who initially went to arrest Borchardt after the trio told them a gang of lads led by the 17-year-old had attacked them with baseball bats, were soon put straight and are now investigating the three on suspicion of attempted robbery

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Message in a bottle

Yahoo News

A message in a bottle found after being hidden in a wall at Quonset Naval Air Station [Rhode Island] for more than 60 years came with a question its authors knew couldn’t be answered unless their makeshift time capsule was discovered

The message asked, “Will this bottle see the sun?”

It did after being found in May, and Quonset Development Corporation authorities in North Kingstown made the bottle and its contents public Friday. Harry Berrio, a demolition crew member, found the bottle while taking down barracks at the Quonset station. Berrio said when he saw the writing, he realized it was something special.

The bottle offers a rare glimpse into the past. The message inside was written in 1941 on a business card by two carpenters — Theodore Jackvony of Providence and Emile Gaudette of Seekonk. The men wrote their names on the back of the card, which was from a Providence candy store that no longer exists. Then they shoved it into a pill bottle and sealed it inside the walls of the building they were working on.

North Kingstown historian Tim Cranston said the two men were part of a civilian army hired to build two military bases in the area. Much of what they built is now gone. It isn’t clear why the men left the message, but Jackvony’s daughter, Estelle Borino, said her father, who died in 1976, had a mischievous side.

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