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Cemetery’s Flags Found in Squirrel Nest

ABC News
Groundskeepers at Forest Hill Cemetery [Wisconsin] thought it was kids who were stealing dozens of American flags. That is, until one found a giant squirrel’s nest.

“I was mowing, looked up out into the distance, and something caught my eye,” said Dave Ender, a groundskeeper employed by the Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Department.

He drove his riding lawnmower to a nearby street intersection and looked up a tree. “Low and behold, I found the missing flags,” Ender said.

They were ripped and serving as the foundation of a giant squirrel nest. “I never seen anything like that before,” he said. No one at the cemetery had ever seen a squirrel with a flag in its mouth, either.

“They must have done it at night, or very early in the morning,” Ender said.

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Paragliding tip: Don’t land in a minefield

An Israeli man was stuck in the middle of a minefield near the Syrian border Saturday after crashing his paraglider and severely injuring himself. The unidentified man took off from a peak in the Golan Heights and drifted east toward the Syrian and Jordanian borders before crashing in the minefield, injuring his legs and breaking several bones, rescue services said.

“He’s in the process of being rescued,” an army spokesman said.

Paragliding, in which participants jump off tall peaks or cliffs with a parachute strapped to their back, is a popular sport in the Golan, where there are many steep mountains along Israel’s northeastern border.

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Welfare workers call in curse remover rabbi

shofar1.jpgEmployees of Israel’s National Insurance Institute (NII) asked a Kabbalah sage to remove a curse hanging over their heads after several inexplicable events, rabbinical sources said. The decision to turn to rabbi David Basri came after the sudden death of the head of the NII’s Tel Aviv bureau, and after several employees were struck down by a mysterious illness…

Rabbi Basri, a renowned expert in Kabbalah, an esoteric offshoot of Judaism, attributed the calamities to curses made by people who had not been granted social welfare benefits. He arranged a mass prayer service for some 200 employees and also blew the Shofar (a ram’s horn) in an attempt to lift the curse.

A spokesman for the NII confirmed that the service had taken place at the request of the Tel Aviv office employees. No further calamities have yet been reported.

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No goats? Let ‘er rip!

goat.jpg A Swiss driver blamed Canada’s lack of goats as possible roadside obstacles for his speeding through the countryside after police nabbed him, an official said. The driver was caught travelling 96mph on Canada’s busiest highway between Montreal and Toronto on Sunday. The posted speed limit is 60 mph.

“An officer stopped the car for speeding along a straight stretch of road and the driver told him he thought it would be alright to go fast because he wasn’t likely to hit a goat,” said Constable Joel Doiron. “I’ve never been to Switzerland, but I guess there must be a lot of goats there,” he said.

Const. Doiron noted that in his 20 years as a police officer, “nobody’s ever used the lack of goats here as an excuse for speeding”.

Police issued the man a $C360 ticket.

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