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Cemetery’s Flags Found in Squirrel Nest

ABC News
Groundskeepers at Forest Hill Cemetery [Wisconsin] thought it was kids who were stealing dozens of American flags. That is, until one found a giant squirrel’s nest.

“I was mowing, looked up out into the distance, and something caught my eye,” said Dave Ender, a groundskeeper employed by the Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Department.

He drove his riding lawnmower to a nearby street intersection and looked up a tree. “Low and behold, I found the missing flags,” Ender said.

They were ripped and serving as the foundation of a giant squirrel nest. “I never seen anything like that before,” he said. No one at the cemetery had ever seen a squirrel with a flag in its mouth, either.

“They must have done it at night, or very early in the morning,” Ender said.

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