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Welfare workers call in curse remover rabbi

shofar1.jpgEmployees of Israel’s National Insurance Institute (NII) asked a Kabbalah sage to remove a curse hanging over their heads after several inexplicable events, rabbinical sources said. The decision to turn to rabbi David Basri came after the sudden death of the head of the NII’s Tel Aviv bureau, and after several employees were struck down by a mysterious illness…

Rabbi Basri, a renowned expert in Kabbalah, an esoteric offshoot of Judaism, attributed the calamities to curses made by people who had not been granted social welfare benefits. He arranged a mass prayer service for some 200 employees and also blew the Shofar (a ram’s horn) in an attempt to lift the curse.

A spokesman for the NII confirmed that the service had taken place at the request of the Tel Aviv office employees. No further calamities have yet been reported.

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