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Crime tip: Don’t stuff exploding dye pack into waistband

Kenneth Ray Brooks is sore, embarrassed and awaiting trial after his attempt to rob a Florida bank ended with his trousers exploding. The bungling thief walked into Orlando’s Centura Bank and shouted, “I’m holding down the joint,” according to The Orlando Sentinel. Police reports said he then “stuffed a stack of bills into his waistband and pushed the money down out of view”.

Shortly after he left the bank, a dye pack concealed in the money exploded.

A police spokeswoman said: “Witnesses said they could see smoke coming out of his pants.”

Officers attending the scene quickly identified the suspect by “his discomfort and bright red dye on both hands”.

Having been interviewed by police, Brooks “walked very slowly to a waiting ambulance”. He was treated for burns and charged with attempted robbery. The FBI will advise him on the best method to remove the dye from his “hands and lower torso”.

September 11, 2006 - Posted by | Crime, Uncategorized

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