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Snake hides in tourist’s knickers—and she didn’t feel it?

A rare Filipino snake smuggled itself into Germany by hiding in a tourist’s knickers. The green ring snake survived a long distance flight and even a tumble in a washing machine.

Helga Gurnsteidl, 31, from Nuremberg, put her dirty undies in the machine after returning from a trip to the Philippines. But she only spotted the snake when she opened the door to take out the washing.

Experts from a local zoo were called in to collect the snake and have given it a new home in their reptile house.

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Remember, the bread goes on the bottom

Yahoo! News
Victory may be in the bag for Lori Engel. Engel, an assistant manager at the Waterford [Wisconsin] Pick ‘n’ Save, has parlayed years of bagging know-how into $500, a trip to Vegas and a chance to compete in the National Grocers Association’s Best Bagger Contest. Last month, Engel competed in the Wisconsin Grocers Association’s state bagging competition in Green Bay, where she finished in first place.

Engel, 39, competed in a field of 18, in two separate categories — paper and plastic. She prefers paper.

The competition involved filling two bags with a selection of grocery items. Judges awarded points based on appearance and attitude, time, weight distribution and technique.

Engel’s time didn’t win her the top spot at the state level. She believes it was the winning combination of her technique and her personality.

“There’s a sure five points, if you have a smile on your face and it doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed,” Engel said.

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At least her dog didn’t eat her homework

Yahoo! News
raccoon-03.jpgStephanie King [Largo, Florida] had to tell her music teacher that a raccoon was to blame for her missing homework. “I explained that the raccoon fell from the ceiling in my bathroom and it ran into my bedroom,” the 13-year-old seventh grader at Osceola Middle School told the St. Petersburg Times.

“Animal control came out to get it and they couldn’t catch it and they said we couldn’t go in my room.”

Stephanie’s grandmother vouched for her story Friday with school officials. “I told them she can’t get her homework, her books, because everything is locked in the bedroom,” Natalie King said.

The female raccoon and its babies crashed to the Kings’ bathroom floor Wednesday night. Until that moment, the family didn’t know the roof was leaking, much less that a family of raccoons was living in their ceiling. The mother raccoon escaped into Stephanie’s room. It finally made its way Thursday night into the trap set by Pinellas County Animal Services officers, who picked up the critter the next morning.

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“Uniquely Welsh” Paper from sheep poo

A company in Snowdonia has won an award for making greetings cards and gifts out of sheep droppings. Creative Paper Wales won a £20,000 Millennium Award for its Sheep Poo Paper products, reports the BBC. They collect sheep droppings from the surrounding mountains, sterilise it in pressure cookers and recover the washed and undigested fibres.

A sheep digests just 50% of what it eats. The recovered fibres are mixed to form paper and cardboard for the company’s range of stationery and gift products. Even the washing water is not wasted – it is distributed to local growers as concentrated fertiliser.

Founders Lawrence Toms, 38, from Rhondda and Lez Paylor, 38, from Caerphilly, said they had been keen to develop an idea which would be uniquely Welsh.

The company’s plant at Aberllefenni, near Machynlleth, will be able to produce one to two tonnes of paper a year.

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Giant catfish scares tourists

catfish.jpg A giant catfish is frightening tourists at a Centerparcs holiday park in Holland. The 2.3 metre European catfish eats two or three ducks a day and has even taken a few small dogs, reports Hetlaatste News.

Dutch divers reckon ‘Big Mama’, in the lake of a Centerparcs at Kempervennen, could be the world’s biggest. Remco Visser, head of a Dutch diving school which uses the lake for practice dives, said the fish had scared a number of divers.

But he added: “They don’t have to worry because catfish don’t eat humans. Most of the ducks have moved to another lake but visiting ducks, who don’t know there is a catfish in the water, get caught.”

Centerparcs guards patrol the lake to keep away fishermen who have been trying to climb over the fences at night to catch Big Mama.

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Man says HGTV Dream Home too expensive

Yahoo! News
LAKE LURE, N.C. – Thanks, but no thanks. Donald P. Cook, who won HGTV’s 5,700-square-foot Dream Home in April, says he’s selling the house.

The annual $19,396 tax bill plus maintenance costs are too much for the state auditor from Alum Creek, W.Va.

Cook plans to live in the house near Asheville, N.C., for a few weeks then sell it.

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