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Giant catfish scares tourists

catfish.jpg A giant catfish is frightening tourists at a Centerparcs holiday park in Holland. The 2.3 metre European catfish eats two or three ducks a day and has even taken a few small dogs, reports Hetlaatste News.

Dutch divers reckon ‘Big Mama’, in the lake of a Centerparcs at Kempervennen, could be the world’s biggest. Remco Visser, head of a Dutch diving school which uses the lake for practice dives, said the fish had scared a number of divers.

But he added: “They don’t have to worry because catfish don’t eat humans. Most of the ducks have moved to another lake but visiting ducks, who don’t know there is a catfish in the water, get caught.”

Centerparcs guards patrol the lake to keep away fishermen who have been trying to climb over the fences at night to catch Big Mama.

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