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The Tate considers rubbish Turner Prize


Rebecca Warren has filled five display cases with items she found on her studio floor and on the road outside. The rubbish includes bits of fluff, dust, hair, plastic, twigs, woollen pom-poms and a discarded cherry stone.

According to the Mirror, Warren, from Hackney, East London, said: “I’m actually interested in what a bit of fluff and a bit of twig put in a particular order can mean. For somebody, it could mean one thing, and for somebody else, it could mean something else.”

Tate Curator Lizzie Carey-Thomas said: “Despite the fact it is rubbish, there is a mini-drama going on. The objects are active within the box itself. They have emotional and associative resonance, and can communicate meaning.”


The Turner Award, as administered by the Tate, has to be one of the biggest jokes in the art world.

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