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Technology? What technology?

CHIBA, Japan— Forget the giant flat-screen TVs and snazzy mobile phones. At Japan’s biggest technology trade show on Friday, Wataru Tatebayashi, 35, aimed his camera at the women in miniskirts lining up in front of the gadgets to wave visitors goodbye.

“Someday these photos will be worth good money,” he said, shifting his weight to put down his tripod. “I’m putting some of these on my blog, but the best ones I’m saving for myself and for when the women become famous.”

For fans like Tatebayashi, the “companions” posing next to some of Japan’s most technologically advanced gear are far from gratuitous.

The mini-skirted women are the reason he took the afternoon off work and, his best cameras in tow, trekked out during a typhoon to the convention center, a two-hour train ride from his home in western Tokyo.

“It’s a long-term investment,” he said. “Plus, maybe some of them will become my friends.”


Well, at least he can dream. 

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I keep telling you—don’t mess with oldtimers

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lumphammer.jpg A [grandmother] aged 81 stunned wheel clampers by grabbing a lump hammer from her car — and wrecking their van.

Theodora Loizou flipped after complaining to the parking firm about an £80 release fee — only for a second team to arrive and demand £100. The widow, who claims her K-reg Toyota was clamped even though it was in her resident’s bay, fetched the mallet after being ordered to cough up or face a £325 bill for having the car towed.

As a crowd gathered she smashed the van’s windscreen — then its headlights. The damaged vehicle had to be carted off on the clampers’ own tow truck.

Greek-born Theodora, said yesterday: “I felt ten years younger.”

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“…not school-related”—Let us sincerely hope not

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A Bland County high school teacher faces a felony charge after allegedly sneaking into a cemetery vault with two students and taking photos of them handling a corpse’s bones.

“It’s not anything anyone would call school-related,” said Dennis Lee, the commonwealth’s attorney in Tazewell County, where authorities said the incident occurred.

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