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Naked Mole-rats and Human Aging

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naked_mole_rat.jpgThey wouldn’t win any beauty contests, but naked mole-rats would take home the crown for longevity. And research into human aging might draw from knowledge of the wrinkly subterranean creatures.

No bigger than a stick of butter, mole-rats long outlive similar-sized rodents. They’re known to approach age 30. Now scientists have gained some insight into this longevity: Mole-rats simply deal with the kind of cellular damage that life normally brings about.

“The naked mole-rat, with its surprisingly long life span and remarkably delayed aging, seems like the perfect model to provide answers about how we age and how to retard the aging process,” said Rochelle Buffenstein of the City College of New York. “This animal may one day provide the clues to how we can significantly extend life.”

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