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How to sneak across the border: Bring elephants and a Mariachi band


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After his first trip to South Texas, a Pennsylvania congressional candidate was back home Wednesday sharing quite a tale, having chased an undocumented immigrant on foot one day and strolled the bank of the Rio Grande with three elephants and a blaring mariachi band the next. All, of course, documented for a campaign commercial…
Bhakta, a first-generation American citizen, said he was in Brownsville on Monday and Tuesday with the idea of demonstrating a porous border by videoing himself with elephants near a desolate area of the Rio Grande. But he said he upped the ante with a six-member mariachi band after witnessing an undocumented immigrant swim across the river under an international bridge.

Bhakta said he chased the immigrant with a camera in tow. Even though authorities apprehended the immigrant, he said he was “utterly shocked” that someone could cross so easily. “I thought to myself, ‘Well, if this guy can come right across under the nose of the immigration post, I bet I can get an elephant across, I bet I could get an elephant across with a mariachi band strutting away, welcoming my arrival to America,'” he said. “The elephants went into the water, and the band played and we made as much of a racket and scene that I could have imagined — nobody showed up,” he said, adding, “people may think I am making a joke of border security and the political system that we have, and the truth is that it is a joke.”

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  1. Of course he was from PA. We have some real dozies here.

    Comment by rapcomp | October 19, 2006

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