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Catbird seat?

A cat has set up home in a bird’s nest in Norfolk. Wendy Hobbs, from Reepham, first spotted the cat up the tree a week ago, reports the Daily Mail. She was about to phone the fire brigade when she noticed the stray had set up home in the nest. The cat only leaves the cherry tree to beg for food at her back door then climbs back up the tree.

Mrs Hobbs said: “I don’t know why she loves the tree. She sits there watching the traffic.

Mrs. Hobbs has tried to find the cat’s owner with no luck so far. 

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Want cash with that?

A Belgian man who ordered a burger from a McDonald’s restaurant was amazed to find £10,000 cash in the same bag.

Marco Parra-Martinez, 23, ordered his meal from a McDrive restaurant in Waterloo, reports Het Laatste Nieuws. Inside the paper bag, as well as his burger, was an envelope containing 15,000 euros, the equivalent of more than £10,000.

“I hesitated one moment, asking myself if I shouldn’t keep the money,” admitted Mr Parra-Martinez. “But my parents taught me to be honest at all times.”

So he returned the envelope to the restaurant. McDonalds said the cash was restaurant takings that had accidentally been put down next to Mr Parra-Martinez’s order. They promised him a reward for his honesty.

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Return of the living dead

You might have thought yesterday was the perfect day for sunbathing but others preferred lurching and moaning through the streets of Wellington. Dozens of people indulged their usually hidden zombie sides, spattering themselves with fake blood and marching “against the living” to mark Friday the 13th.

Organiser Robbie Neilson said it was first time the event had been held in New Zealand, though it had been done overseas. “Wed like to make it annual.”

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