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Scientist Sets Backpack Down, Finds Dinosaur


It sounds like an exaggeration, but apparently you can’t set a backpack down in southern Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument without finding a dinosaur. That’s exactly what led a scientist to the discovery of a skull of a horned dinosaur that roamed the area 80 million years ago.

The find by paleontologists Jim Kirkland and Don DeBlieux was announced Friday at a conference of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists in Ontario, Canada. DeBlieux discovered the fossil in 2002 while he was part of a Utah Geological Survey team conducting an inventory of paleontological resources in the national monument. He was taking a photo of another site when he made the find.

“I stopped and put my backpack down on a sandstone ledge and saw bone,” DeBlieux said in a statement. The protruding fossil turned out to be most of the skull of a ceratopsid, a smaller and older relative of Triceratops.

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Perhaps crime isn’t his forte

A robber wielding an ornamental sword returned to the service station he had allegedly just held up when he realised he had left his haul behind, police say. The 20-year-old man approached an attendant at a service station in South Perth about 1.30am today and allegedly demanded money and cigarettes. The attendant took money from the till and packets of cigarettes and placed them in a bag.

The offender fled on foot across the Canning Highway before realising he had left the bag in the service station. Police say he returned to find the door locked and pleaded with the attendant to let him back in for his booty. The attendant refused so the offender fled again.

Police caught up with him several streets away, allegedly still wielding his sword.

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