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Taking DIY a little too far?

Passengers on a broken-down train were shocked when they were asked if they could fix it.

The London to Manchester Virgin train was halted at Rugby station in Warwickshire when a windscreen wiper broke. The train manageress pleaded over the tannoy [intercom, Yank] for any passengers with nuts, bolts or cable ties to go to the front of the carriage.

Four men stepped forward to help, reports The Sun. One of them, Damian Gaskin said: “It was unbelievable. I had a few basic tools with me so I went to help. One man had a foot on the platform with his other stretched across the windscreen. He was straddling the train. he told me he was a passenger and fixed the electrics on a service the week before.”

A Virgin spokesman said: “After several repair attempts passengers got off the train and boarded a later service.”


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