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kopiluwak.jpg So much for Queensland not being cultured. The state now boasts the nation’s most expensive cup of coffee, and it comes courtesy of the digestive tract of a cat-like creature from the jungles of Indonesia.

The rare Kopi Luwak coffee brew will soon be on the menu at Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms, about 40 minutes west of Townsville – for $50 a cup.

The beans for the exclusive brew are retrieved from the droppings of the luwak, a cat-like member of the civet family which is found in Indonesia’s Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. Luwaks like eating ripe coffee cherries, but are apparently particular about which ones they choose – seeking out only the most luscious. The inner bean is not digested, meaning they can be retrieved from the luwak poo. The beans are then washed and given only a light roast so as to not destroy the complex flavours which develop through the whole process – and then sold for up to $1250 [Australian] per kg.

Fans of the brew say the luwak’s stomach enzymes break down proteins in the beans, making a smoother brew with no bitterness.

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