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Cattle take to drink

Cattle at Margaret River, Western Australia, are drinking premium red wine as owners aim to provide prime beef to a restaurant chain. The Wagyu breed cattle are getting one litre a day of Hayshed Hills Pitchfork and Alexander Bridge cabernet sauvignon merlot mixed in with their regular feed of wheat, barley, oats, lupins and hay. Akio Yamamoto, a Japanese celebrity chef-cum-restaurateur has specified that the wine be given to the cattle.

“He wants to compete with Matsuzaka, which is top-quality Wagyu beef that comes from cattle fed with beer,” John McLeod, managing director of Margaret River Premium Meat Exports, said yesterday.

In Japan, where music is played to prime Wagyu cattle, which are given beer and massaged, their steaks command restaurant prices twice the normal price. Mr McLeod said the wholesale price of the Australian wine-fed Wagyu beef was $100 [Australian] a kilogram.

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  1. oooh…i am visiting margaret river in september 2007…. i must remember to buy some home!! $100 a kilo is very cheap!! Thank you!!

    Vanessa from singapore

    Comment by vanessa | January 16, 2007

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